Spring is finally here and as the weather gets warmer, Natural Hair is getting HOTTER!! I searched all over Instagram to find some of the dopest naturalistas to share how they are flawlessly rocking the latest spring trends for natural hair . If you are looking for a way to dump the dull layers of winter and instantly warm up your look, keep reading to discover the hottest spring trends for natural hair and gain some major hair-spiration.

1) Captivating Colors
Nothing says spring time like a major burst of color. Hot hues and colors for natural hair are definitely a must for the Spring and Summer Season. Ravishing Reds, lighter tones, and daring colors like Purples, Blues, and Pinks are being seen on some of my favorite naturals. If you are wanting to brighten up your tresses with a hot new color, please be sure you go to a professional and be prepared to give your hair the extra TLC it will need after adding color to your hair.



2) Cutting Edge Coils
Spring time is also a time of renewals and fresh starts! If you are looking for a fresh start in your natural hair journey, go to the salon, be bold, get creative, and get your natural tresses shaped or cut into an edgy style. The biggest hair cut to hit the natural hair scene is the tapered cut. This cut is bold, trendy, and fashionable. These cuts are so amazing that even APL beauties are stopping to gaze and admire this hair style. “Short Hair Don’t Care!” This option is definitely for the bold naturals who are ready for a change and a perfect way for new naturals rocking their TWAs to edge up their look. Please don’t attempt if you know you are not ready! Lol!


3) Amazing Accessories

Maybe colors and cuts are to permanent and dramatic for you. If you want to defrost your look without totally changing the structure of your hair, this trend is for you. Just as nature spouts some of its most beautiful accessories, it is time for you to adorn your tresses with flowers, headwraps, beads, headbands, and jewels. This trend is perfect for naturals who are looking for subtle but fun ways to spring into action.


4) Beautiful Buns and Updos
The weather is getting warmer and most of us want all of that hair off of our necks. Instead of just slopping your hair in lazy puff or “mom bun,” spring trends are telling us to get creative, do unique styles, and create clean, chic, polished, and cool looks. This time of the year is also wedding season, so I know a lot of us naturals are going to be looking for head turning updos that show off the awesome-ness of our natural tresses. Check out these examples…
As always, thanks so much for reading and I hope you found some amazing styles and trends to try this spring and summer.

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Are you doing anything new to your ‘do for the spring/summer? Dish!