Tammy Goodson of CurlyChics

The great thing about natural hair is every day is new, which can be good and bad. It’s like that box of chocolates Forest Gump always talked about.

• Stop expecting perfection
Perfection is unattainable and to expect it is setting yourself up for failure. Natural hair is unpredictable as are most things in life. You and your mane will not always be kindred spirits but it will help if you keep things in perspective.

• Greatness cannot be achieved at every try
Striving for greatness is commendable. It is what you are supposed to do with the caveat that you may not achieve it every single time. There will be set backs even when you’ve done everything “right”. Tomorrow is your next opportunity for a great hair day.

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• Stop and breathe – it’s only temporary.
Everything is temporary. DO NOT make hair decisions when you are in an emotional down state. It will lead to making wrong choices such as reaching for that trouble in a box (relaxer) or getting scissor happy. All of which could lead to regret once you’ve calmed down.

• Remain enthusiastic about your tresses
Focus on the good times you’ve had with her. That bomb braid out you rocked earlier in the week or that fly pin up style everyone gave you so many compliments on will remind you of great hair days and motivate you to push forward. The true test is loving your hair even when you aren’t having a good hair day.

How do you fight the natural hair blues? Help another chica out!

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