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Summer is finally approaching and with that comes a new season for fun, new hair styles! I put together a little list of my favorite easy, cute styles you can try this summer to bring in the warm weather and switch up your look!

1. Pineapple
Who says you only have to wear pineapples to go to bed? I rock mine out as a hairstyle all the time! It’s super cute and perfect for when its scorching hot out and you don’t want hair on your neck.

2. Turbans/Scarfs
@Halfietruths (Turban from
I’m loving turbans this season! There are so many you can choose from so you can easily add a pop of color to your outfit. Plus they’re super easy to style with your hair! All you have to do is a wash n’ go, twist out, or braid out and throw the turban on and you’re good to go!
3. Box Braids
Ahh I’ve been wanting braids for foreverr now! But I always back out because I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep them in my hair long enough for me not to miss my curls lol. But they are perfect for the summer because you don’t have to worry about rain, humidity, frizz–none of that! They’re great for going on vacations too and on the beach and such. Plus I’d love to just wake up, slap on some make up and literally go.
4. Color
@Heygorjess (Me *lol*)
If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been obessessing over color recently lol. Vlogging about it, blogging about it, Instagramming it; I can’t let go of it! But one of the biggest trends right now is a pop of some real color for the summer. So I don’t mean just blondes and chestnuts– but blues, pinks, purples, and greens. Fun right?! Fortunately theres an easy way to do that without using real dye and using eye shadow instead.
On top of that, of course I always love blonde hair for the warmer months. Now I’m not going to do it! But if you can dye it a safe way, go for it! It’ll look perfect for the season!
5. Bangs

I like bangs simply because they are an easy way to switch up your look for the season! They’re just so fun!

So I hope these styles (and beautiful naturalistas) gave you some inspiration for the summer! Let me know some of your favorite styles you’ll be rocking!