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On the Couch with Karyn Parsons- Updates and a Rally Cry

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
For my first interview with Karyn, click here
For pics of Karyn and I at a CN event in NYC, click here!
On the Couch with Karyn Parsons- Updates and a Rally Cry

Tell us about the hair situation. Updates!
I’m definitely far more educated, though that doesn’t always translate into practice.  I’m on the run so much it seems, that I don’t have the time that I dream about to take my time deep-conditioning every other day for an hour at a time, or twisting every night. When I do these things, I’m instantly gratified. I always see a difference. Still, I’ve learned about sealing in moisture and have been doing that more, as well as using coconut oil on my hair, which it loves.  I still hit the blowdryer (diffuser) too much, and too HOT :(.  Rushing too much. Once I leave the city for a few weeks (soon!) with my family and don’t have to worry so much about meetings, I’ll be pampering my hair and hopefully, making some good habits.

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What’s your favorite, go-to style?
All pulled back in an exploding pom on the back/top of my head. My daughter says she likes my hair SO MUCH BETTER OUT, but some days, I just can’t.

On the Couch with Karyn Parsons- Updates and a Rally Cry
How are you dealing with the summer humidity?

Haven’t had too much intense humidity yet, but will be sporting a lot of the exploding Pom and scarf wrap. Still considering the possibility of twists…

What’s your current routine to achieve your favorite style (products too!)?
In the shower, I separate into fourths and condition each section with whatever conditioner I have there; sometimes it’s a cheapo, sometimes Shea Moisture, Deva Curl, or Miss Jessie’s….um… the pink one. Then, moisturize each section with coconut oil. Finger combing gently throughout. Make sure the ends get plenty of love. Wrap on top of head and cover with shower cap. Do all my other shower biz, and rinse with the coolest water I can take. And then a little cooler than that. Dry gently with paper towels. I carefully apply Hair Rules Leave-In, trying not to comb through with my fingers too much. After it’s all distributed, I try to leave it to dry naturally for as long as I can while I do everything else I need to do to get out the door. When I absolutely can’t wait any longer, I grab the diffuser and go to work. Once it’s dry, or mostly dry, I remove the diffuser and stretch out the hair around my neck with the dryer. I like it looser around the neck rather than packed up tight. Sometimes I apply a serum to control frizz, but the jury’s out as to whether that really works for me or not. Shake it and go.

Tell us about your Kickstarter Campaign for SweetBlackberry.
It’s to raise funds for us to tell the story of dancer Janet Collins. She went from refusing the Ballet Russes de Monte Carlo’s offer to dance with them (they said she’d have to perform in WHITEFACE!) to become the first Black Prima Ballerina and first soloist at the Metropolitan Opera. It’s a great story for kids, about perseverance and believing in oneself. It also shines light on a real-life Black ballerina, an image little Black girls rarely see.

I feel very passionate about this story and, as you know, about Sweet Blackberry. It’s so important that we get these stories about little-known black people in history out to kids.

Chris Rock is going to do the narration!!!!!

I’ve gone to Kickstarter to ask the public to help me get this story funded. We’re a non-profit organization and we need that support. ANY amount helps! And as a 501c3 non-profit, their donation is tax-deductible!

I’m also asking people to spread the word and encourage their friends to join in. However, you can do it; social media, emails, phone calls. It’s a story that belongs to all of us so I’m asking everyone to get on board and help however they can.

And the rewards are insane; Chris Rock, Alfonso Ribeiro, Jada Pinkett, and WILL SMITH will do Personalized Outgoing Voicemail Messages! There are autographed toe shoes from Misty Copeland, a Black-tie Gala event at the Met, Voting on and watching your favorite Fresh Prince episode with the cast, followed by a Q&A, and a lot more!

How can we contribute?
Through the Kickstarter site. Please go to

What else can we do to make sure this story gets told?
Tell people. Tell your friends and family. Ask them to spread the word and encourage them to contribute. Even ONE DOLLAR. That will allow them to follow the campaign, see exclusive updates, and learn more about Janet Collins and Sweet Blackberry.

Anything else?!
The support and enthusiasm that I’ve received over the years for Sweet Blackberry is overwhelming. It’s so encouraging. I understand from talking to parents, children, librarians, and kids, that we’re doing something important. I would ask that people take some of that good will and make a contribution to the campaign so that we can keep this moving. So that we can continue to produce these award-winning films that are so inspiring and enriching for our kids.

And I would say THANK YOU to everyone who has already contributed, shared with friends, and written me to tell me how much they love what Sweet Blackberry is doing!

Help her out y’all!

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