Hola Chicas! 
For those of you that are new to CN, Fierce Friday is a way to celebrate our natural hair, displaying our dopest styles and best hair days… for inspiration and motivation. Wanna be featured? All you have to do is upload your favorite pics to Instagram with the tags #FierceFriday and #CurlyNikki. Be sure to share a brief description of the style, where you were headed, why you felt amazing, etc.!

#nakedhair taking #selfies in the in laws bathroom…yes Darren I was haha! No product on my hair. @uneditedoriginality

I let the fro lose tonight! #trialsntresses #kurleebelle #naturalista #bighairbetty #curlynikki @kayshari88


Such a summer look @simplyfocused11

#Celfie #snatched #teamnatural #naturalhair @100dejie

 Pool time! Well, poolside time. Water’s a little chilly lol. Loving this weather! emoji #dcchillin @danadanabobana7
Rod Set “Color Curling” Using different color/size rods is the perfect way to achieve a tapered look without cutting your hair. Just use smaller rods in the back and on the sides for a tighter curl and larger rods on the top for a looser/fuller curl. @mekony

I am in Kuwait heading to work with my 5 day old twist out. I used Qhemet Alma heavy butter, As I am leave in conditioner and JBCO. Talk about nice am loving my hair this week soft and moist. Happy Friday mauh!
Good Morning, Sunshine! (It’s 7AM. “I go to work!” (Kool Moe Dee)??-Ebi