**Scroll down for an update to this post– Tamron shares what she did to achieve the look! **
 she literally #WokeUpLikeDis 

Hola chicas,

So, the homie Tamron Hall (better known as a third hour anchor of NBC’s Today Show and the host of MSNBC’s News Nation), called me at a disrespectful 5 am this morning to report some breaking news– that she’d be rocking her natural hair on air, for the first time, ever.  #TodayShowHistory

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I’m here for her straight looks too that cut stays fly 

Tamron spent a couple of days in the wild shooting with Bear Grylls and got back in late yesterday.   She had to be up by 4 am today and decided that straightening her hair before going on air was a bridge too far.  It was more important for her to study for the show than to use the time making her hair look a certain way.  She’d mentioned this time pressure before in the write-up I shared about her natural curls, while in South Africa

It’s one thing to wear your natural hair to the office and have your colleagues ogling you, but it’s another thing to know that millions of people are watching. I’m proud that our community was able to inspire and encourage Tamron and I’m proud that she’s doing the same thing for the millions that tuned in today.  

Love you Tam!

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Tamron’s natural hair debut was a chic and simple wash & go!  She simply washed her hair, rinsed clean and applied Redken’s Real Control Conditioner.  She left a little of that in, added some Morrocan Oil and rolled out! Easy peasey. She rocked her natural curls again today on air!  She wants you to know that she appreciates all of the comments and words of encouragement!