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#IfYouWasntKnowin #WeOutHere #DontShoot

Ish has taken a serious turn for the surreal in my neighborhood. The national media is posted up right next to stores and restaurants I’ve patronized all of my life. And after Obama spoke on it, what’s really left to say? The fact of the matter is, we don’t have facts. And although we still have more questions than answers, I do know that:

(1) Rioting is bad
(2) Rioting brought the attention of the national media to Ferguson, Missouri. #Duality
Fun fact- Ferguson is a predominately Black suburb of St. Louis.  A city that is well documented for being one of the most segregated in America. 
(3) It’s amateur hour for the St. Louis County Police- they need more training and better leadership
(4) They got the message tho- the police presence was conspicuously absent today (we won’t know if this will subsist until night-fall)
(5) Given what we think we know, it’s abundantly clear that there needs to be a strong justification for the violence used against Michael Brown. I’m quite skeptical that one exists.
(6) This is bigger than Ferguson, MO. This is about defending our civil rights.

I continue to pray for Michael Brown’s family, for my city and for Black boys and men everywhere. I look forward to the ‘open and transparent judicial process’. #Accountability

Peep the view from my neighborhood, at the corner of West Florissant and Ground Zero.

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The Quicktrip

#DrDaddy #DontShoot

 Th number one, head-demonstrator-in-charge, Sidney! He had a million chants and never let the crowd go quiet, not once.  He’s out here to show the world that ‘Black men are to be taken seriously’ and that their ‘lives are to be respected’. #ResponsibleBehavior

#TeamNatural gettin’ it!

the kids #GettinIt

 People would drive past honking in support and show up moments later with waters, ice and snacks! #ResponsibleBehavior

And then James and Uncle Black would show up (with bags from their house) and pick up the trash! #Unsung 

Gettin’ it with her parasol!

white folks gettin’ it #DontShoot

Rena from a local non-profit stopped by to show solidarity and to drop off snacks for the demonstrators

‘don’t effin’ shoot’ #ResponsibleBehavior


The irony.

So these guys specifically requested that I let you know that they aren’t ‘thugs’. They are wearing the hats because Mike had the same one on when he was killed. 



p.s. elsewhere in Ferguson, at my mom’s-


EDITED to add more pics

And then night fell and 1000 people showed up…

And as MSNBC’s Chris Hayes said, the vibe is like ‘a cross between New Years Eve and Occupy Wallstreet’.  There were kiddos, dogs and BBQ and just, well, community.  #Ferguson



that’s a horse, tho
The homie, Tim Norman, from Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s.  He was out here last night and was gassed. 
The New Black Panthers were directing traffic and policing the crowd.  
Then we jumped in the procession of honking cars…

and drove the 5 blocks a few times #ISatMyAssOnTheRoofOfTheCarToo #IWasScaredTho #TurnUpForJustice

Stay safe out there,