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With it just being a little over a month into the new school year, you may already find yourself a little lost when it comes to trying new, age appropriate hair styles for your school aged daughters. Don’t fret! I have compiled a list of some of the most popular hairstyles for little girls with natural hair. These work for almost every age group!

The Twist Out
Twist outs are very popular right now and extremely easy to achieve. Twist small to medium sized sections of hair together for a more defined, elongated look or twist large sections together for a more full look. 
 Product Suggestions: Bee Mine Curly Butter, Curls Whipped Cream 
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 The Afro 
 Afro’s are absolutely fabulous and it’s about time our baby girls show ‘em off! Moisturize previously detangled hair and fluff for the perfect ‘fro! Add some cornrows or flat twists (as shown below) and throw in a flower or headband to jazz up the look.
 Twisted Up 
 Two strand twists, three strand twists… the styling possibilities are endless! Wear them down, up, to the side. Your daughter can wear them up in pigtails one day and up in a bun the next!

Product Suggestions: Bee Mine Curly Butter & Luscious Moisturizer, Curls Whipped Cream, Oyin Whipped Pudding 
Braids & Cornrows 
Cornrows have always been in style and I don’t think that is going to stop any time soon. Our girls pull this look off with ease and with the right braider (preferably, mommy! For that 1-on-1 bonding!) you can do magic! No—seriously… have you seen some of these designs lately? I’m not the most advanced braider so my cornrows are typically basic but every now and then when my daughter wants to feel extra cute I’ll try to add a heart, curve the cornrows, braid ‘em up… down… round and round. Okay, I can’t do all of that, but it’s the thought that counts! 
 Add a few beads at the end for that extra oomph. Be careful adding too many as we don’t want them to disrupt classmates or cause any damage to the ends. I personally like to curl the ends of my daughter’s braids with flexi-rods. Looks adorable!
Product Suggestions: Bee Mine Curly Butter & Luscious Moisturizer , Curls Passion Fruit Control Paste 
Up do’s Anyone? 
Alright, I guess this is more for special occasions. School performances, special award ceremonies, etc. Every little girl wants to be a princess at events like this, right? Or maybe that’s just my daughter? Either way, what’s a princess without an updo? I like to braid or twist the hair upwards, starting from the nape of the neck while leaving hair out at the top. From there I will twist the top, add flexi-rods, do a twist out, etc. Add a cute bow and she’s good to go!

 Product Suggestions: Bee Mine Curly Butter & Luscious Moisturizer – For Flexi-rod sets: Curls Passion Fruit Control Paste 
Dare I Say…. Straight? 
Let’s face it, as our girls get older, they want the option of wearing their hair straight. This was a battle I fought for a little while but I realized that just because my daughter wanted to wear her hair straight sometimes, didn’t mean she doesn’t love her natural hair. She absolutely loves how versatile her hair is. We viewed this as just another hair style, nothing more, nothing less. This is a decision you, as the parent/caregiver must make on your own. If you do decide go this route, skip the blow-dryer and band the hair instead. Use a heat protectant and try to use as little heat as possible with (preferably) just one pass of the flat iron on each section. Look for a future, more detailed post, on how I straighten natural hair.
Product suggestions: Hana Elite Flat Iron, Coconut Oil, Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer
Curly Girly 
Got curls? Show ‘em off! All you need is a product to enhance those curls and bring out some major curl definition. My favorite product for this is Kinky Curly Curling Custard. A very similar alternative to this is Queen Helene’s Curl Crème; however, I find it to be more on the drying side.

Back to the basics! Ponytails never get old. Do as many or as little as you want. Twist ‘em, braid ‘em, use colorful accessories, etc. Be careful making ponytails too tight, though. We don’t wash our little gems to be in pain!
As you can see, the options with natural hair are endless. The versatility, the uniqueness of it… embrace it and show it off! I hope you found this post useful and I’d love to see pictures of your kiddos hairstyles. Feel free to share pictures on any of our social media sites. Use hashtag #beadsbraidsbeyond and tag @beadsbraidsbeyond

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