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One Surprising Must-Have Tool for Your Transition

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

One Surprising Must-Have Tool for Your Transition

By Danielle Faust of and

You’ve decided to transition from permed to natural hair. That’s great! You’ve read up on the hair blogs and forums and you feel you’re ready. Now it’s time to gather what it takes for your transition.

Your transition will take energy. It will take consistent positive effort, patience, a mindset change, and a re-learning of hair care practices. You’ll also need practical tools such as a wide tooth comb, a scarf and a variety of (moisturizing) hair products. There is also one unexpected item you’ll need for a successful transition:

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A Notebook & Pen


Your transition will take a while and you will undergo several changes during this time. Even if you opt for a short transition, there is a lot you will need to take note of. Your hair may behave differently than it has ever before. You may have doubts and feelings you’d like to record about your hair. There may be products you find that work well, or don’t work at all that you’d like to make note of.

Having a notebook (or a document on your computer if you’re a tech girl versus a manual girl) to record and keep track of your transition will prove invaluable.

Here is a short list of items you may want to include in your transition notebook:

  • best and worst products you’ve tried
  • current regimen, future regimen ideas
  • regimen tweaks
  • length check differences
  • texture changes
  • trimming schedule
  • how your hair feels (week to week)
  • products you’re interested in trying
  • how you’re feeling about your transition
  • inspiration
  • monthly transition updates
  • style ideas and results

After your transition, your notebook will serve as a fond memory to look back and see your progress. It will also serve as a tool to help you out if you suffer set backs.

Good luck on your transition and don’t forget to keep track in your unexpected must-have tool!

Danielle Faust is a certified life coach and life/hair blogger with a passion for natural hair care and helping women realize their power and be their best selves.

Did you utilize a notebook during your transition? 

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