By Danielle Faust of and

Simplicity is becoming somewhat of a buzzword in the personal development world. It’s important to many people to pare their hectic lives down to the key pieces that matter most. As it relates to hair care, the value of simplicity in your regimen is immense. Having a simple hair care routine does the following:

  • Avoids Overwhelm
  • Avoids Burnout
  • Allows You to See What Works (or doesn’t)
  • Creates Space in Your Life
  • Avoids Overwhelm & Procrastination
There are a million ways you can complicate your hair care routine. With pre treatments, post treatments, multiple cleansing, conditioning, and styling products, natural and home made products, organic products, heat tools, styling aids, detanglers….(I could go on)… you can drive yourself crazy with all the options! A simple hair care regimen avoids overwhelm by narrowing down the list of items you use, and steps you take to satisfy your healthy hair care regimen. This also avoids procrastination because instead of suffering from “analysis paralysis” by holding out on beginning your care routine, you will be able to decide on your plan and take action earlier.

Avoids Burnout & Setbacks
All of the options you have for building your hair care regimen can burn you out as well. This can then lead to a setback due to damage. I’ve gotten many emails from women asking for help because they’ve suffered a set back after stopping their hair regimen. When I inquire about what their regimen was, they recite to me a laundry list of steps, that would likely take an entire weekend to finish. It’s mind boggling. No wonder they stopped doing it! The easier your routine is, the less steps it has, the more likely you will continue to do it for the long haul, and continue to reap the benefits over time. Why set your self up for a set back?

Allows You to See What Works (or not)
If you are using several products at once, and using multiple techniques each day (or each wash day) it will be harder for you to know what product or technique is helping or hindering your progress. Is it your prepoo making your hair dry or your cowash or deep conditioner? If you keep your routine simple, and adding, removing or replacing one product at a time, you’ll be able to accurately pinpoint the ones that work best, or don’t work at all for you. This will minimize any negative effects of improper product use.

Creates Space in Your Life
Spending your nights and weekends at home doing your hair may be some people’s preferred use of their free time, but for most women, a full, rich life consists of more than just hair care. A simple routine takes less time out of your life, and frees you up to spend time with family and friends or on hobbies that enrich your life. What would you like to have more free time for? What un-needed steps can you cut from your regimen to make more space in your life?

I urge you to take a look at your hair care routine and see if it truly serves you. Simplifying your regimen can help you avoid setbacks (via burnout or using improper products unknowingly) and create space and time for things you value. Good luck!

What say you? Do you have a simple hair regimen?