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How I Make My Fine Hair Look Thicker

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
How I Make My Fine Hair Look Thicker

Hola Chicas!

This post is about the 3 H’s of making fine hair look big, like, rude-big, but it’s been a minute and I need to share three things first–

1.  (Two colds) + (a bout of sinusitis) = a lingering and rather disrespectful cough that keeps me (and Dr. Daddy) up all night.  #IGotBronchitis #SideEyeToMyImmuneSystem

But today, I feel like myself, and I’m very thankful. 

2. And that gratitude is hella appropriate because it’s Thanksgiving… Happy Thanksgiving, dolls!

3.  But for the first time in years, we’re not in Ferguson, MO with the fam today.  And as much as I miss everyone, I can’t imagine what the family of Mike Brown is enduring as they spend their first Thanksgiving without him.  I pray for them.  I pray for everyone that is mourning the loss of a loved one this holiday season. I pray for Ferguson. I pray for justice.

On to the purpose of this post–

Read On!>>>
I recently felt well enough for a wash day and thought I’d make an updated post on how I achieve body and fullness in hair that is naturally very fine and fly-away. 

The 3 H’s of Thicker Looking Hair

1. Hair cut-  I cut my own hair between professional cuts to keep the length at around boob/arm-pit length for maximum volume.  If I let it grow any longer than that, it goes stringy, lacks shape and falls flat, especially at the roots/top.   I also avoid layers and try to keep the ends blunt  (except in the back where I like a little stacking action) because that also adds to the illusion of fullness. I get it cut professionally once a year and cut it myself (the ends of two-strand twists) every 2 months.  #KeepItTight


2. Hair rollers- If you’re not here for the scissors, you can also do my signature, ‘Twist-n-Curl’ to achieve a similar look.  Rolling the ends of your twists or braids brings all of the length up to the same height, which gives the illusion of bluntness and thus, volume!  The curls on the ends also add a lot of bulk and movement so it’s truly a win. 

3. Henna – I henna once a month using Red Raj from HennaSooq.  I do my quick and simple conditioner/henna gloss and find it’s enough to color my grays, bulk up and fortify my puny strands and give me an amazing red glow in the sun.

As an aside, I also continue to supplement with a multivitamin, biotin, msm, a probiotic and now, fermented cod liver/butter oil (capsules only, cause it’s gross– but it’s full of all the good omegas, dha, vit a, d and others).

We can’t magically grow extra hair follicles or increase the size of our strands but with the tips above, gentle hair care practices (fingers not combs, satin scarves and pillows ‘nshit) we can sholl’ make it look like we have more hair than we do! #FineHairCurliesUnite

How I Make My Fine Hair Look Thicker

no matter how many twists or rollers, the back will do what it do… I have no choice but to let it be great.

How I Make My Fine Hair Look Thicker

This is a 2 day old Twist-n-Curl.  To achieve this, I–
  1. Pre-poo’ed with a hefty amount of coconut oil + a plastic cap + my micro heat cap for 15 minutes
  2. Rinsed thoroughly and applied all the Aussie Moist Conditioner. ALL. THE. CONDITIONER. Lots. Hella.  A gang of it.
  3. Detangled with my fingers under the shower head
  4. Rinsed clean and added a generous amount of SheaMoisture Hair Milk to soaking wet hair
  5. Created 30 two-strand twists and sealed the ends with Avocado Oil
  6.  Rolled the ends (up to my chin) on flexi rods (2-3 twists per roller)
  7. Pinned the roots down with bobby pins and tied a scarf on the crown to keep the roots from poofing.   
  8. Air dried over night
  9. Took down and fluffed
Last night I slept with it out on my satin pillow case rather than pineappling and the shape really held up. The above is my current Fall/Winter routine. Easy.
Later Gators and Happy Thanksgiving!


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