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Things to Consider When Your Hair Won’t Act Right

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Things to Consider When Your Hair Won't Act Right

Every once in a while, my hair gets into a truly rebellious stage – it’ll be healthy and in good condition, but just won’t do what it’s supposed to do. Frizzing when it doesn’t usually frizz, losing curl definition, looking dry even when it feels soft – it seems like all it wants to do is misbehave, and I often feel like there’s little I can do to fight it. I’m smack dab in the middle of one of those phases right now, but instead of wallowing in headwrapped and knitted hat comforts, I’ve decided to remind myself that there ARE ways to get my hair back on track – and I’m going to share these things with y’all too!

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When was your last trim?
Now, my last trim was just a couple of weeks ago, so I know that isn’t my issue. However, I often find that going too long without a trim (“too long” for me being over 4 months) has horrible consequences. My hair becomes extra tangled, it doesn’t set in twists or braids properly, and the raggedy-ends look never looks good with any style. I often think back to the last time I had a trim, and if I’ve been lazy about it, I make sure to get that done ASAP. Keep an eye out for a post coming soon on trimming tips – and if you’re in Toronto, looking for a stylist who knows the difference between a TRIM and a CUT, I recommend Curl Bar. I’m hoping to have a feature up with them soon!

Still using the same products?
I’ve gotten to a point where I know what products work well with my hair. I’ve got my cleansers, conditioners, stylers, and everything I need – but sometimes, my hair gets bored, and I need to shake things up. Every once in a while, I like to introduce a new product into my regimen to see what my hair does. Yes, yes – science tells us that hair is dead material – but I know that my hair reacts and changes to lots of different stimuli, and like the lady it belongs to, gets bored when exposed to too much of the same ole, same ole. Lucky for me, I recently stocked up on some Cantu and Shea Moisture products during my trip to Miami (Target, I love y’all), so I hope that I get some great results! Your hair might be bored – mix things up and see what happens!

Are the seasons changing?
Here in Toronto, we’re blessed to experience the change of the seasons around the year. With the change in weather, temperature, moisture, etc., comes changes in hair. From the humid days of summer, to the bitter cold of winter, my hair goes through it all year round. I am always cognizant of what I can and can’t do with my hair in certain months and seasons, but at the start of a season change – like now as we move from autumn to winter – things go a bit haywire until my hair settles into the new weather pattern. Check this past post about how I deal with seasonal hair regimens – it might help you to figure things out.

Have you made your hair feel special?
I often find that my hair starts misbehaving when I neglect the special things – namely deep treatments and thorough detangling. Being in a rush most days, I usually have just enough time to do a quick wash and twist-out, then just hope for the best. One thing that often helps my hair to get back on track is to make the time to do a hair spa day – giving my hair a good wash, using an amazing deep conditioning treatment (whether it’s a homemade or store-bought treatment), patiently detangling, then patiently setting into smooth twists/braids/Bantu knots. Once I take a day to do all of that, my hair seems to forgive me for my past mistreatment, and decides to get some ack right. When was the last time you treated your hair to something special? That might be the key!

Can any of you out there relate? Nothing is more frustrating than knowing that your hair is healthy and in good condition – but yet it still wants to act a fool!

What are some other things you do when your hair starts misbehaving?

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