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#HennaQueen- MamaNaturalista’s Story

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
So since I’m currently #Bollywoodin‘ (the land o’ henna), I thought it only appropriate to discuss how naturals are using it for healthy hair! Shout out to my friend, MamaNaturalista, for organizing this awesome series and don’t forget to enter the hennasooq giveaway! I hope you enjoy her story!

#HennaQueen- MamaNaturalista's Story

Marisol Correa is the Editor-In-Chief of A world traveler, she currently resides in Washington, DC – where she was also born and raised. She is a married mother of 4 kids; a seventeen year old son, seven year old daughter and 5 year old twins (fraternal boy and girl). She also holds the position of Event Coordinator at Four Brothers, LLC and is an actor whose (most recent) roles are currently airing on TV! 

How long have you been natural?

I’ve been natural for almost 4 years now!!!

Did you big chop or transition?

I did both, I transitioned for 6 months… after unexpected heat damage during my transition; I did my 1st Big Chop in June 2011. I also did a 2nd Big Chop in July 2011 and cut my hair which was about 6 inches at the time down to 1/2 inch. My hair & I have been through some ISH. Ha, ha!!!

When did you first learn about henna?

I first learned about henna through, of course… it’s the place for ‘All Things Henna’. #SeriouslyTho  

#HennaQueen- MamaNaturalista's Story

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 What made you try it?
I wanted to reap the benefits it gives: strength, deep condition, shine and color. I gotta cover up these gray hairs… I’m ancient!

How long have you been henna’ing?
I’ve been henna’ing for 3 1/2 years.

What’s your routine?
My routine…
1. Steep 2-4 bags of green tea into 2 cups of boiled water.
2. After it’s reached room temperature, I pour it into a container filled with henna.
3. Mix it and let it set for 3 to 4 hours, then add a tablespoon of honey.
4. Wash my hair, make 4-6 sections w/ clips and apply the mix.
5. Cover it up w/ saran wrap, a shower cap or BOTH – just to be safe & prevent leakage.
6. Let it set for 4-8 hours or overnight.
7. Wash it out w/ water until it runs clear, then a WHOLE bottle of cheap conditioner.
8. If needed, deep condition w/ a deep-conditioner or NAH… style hair as normal!

#HennaQueen- MamaNaturalista's Story

How often?
I try to henna my hair monthly BUT I fall short OFTEN. So… let’s just say, every 2 months or so!

Fav brand of henna?
I love ‘Red Raj’ henna from ‘Henna Sooq’ but I’m currently in the process of looking for other brands… I like to keep my options OPEN. 😉

What are the benefits you reap?
The benefits I reap are: stronger, smoother and shiner hair, a DEEP condition and a hint of color. I love, love, love how it’s makes my gray strands red… it’s like they are on FIYAH!!!

#HennaQueen- MamaNaturalista's Story

Any cons?
I would say that ‘time’ is a con, it’s very time consuming.

What’s your natural hair regimen?

I try to keep it simple… I either have it styled in a twist-out, braid-out or wash & go. I do other styles as well but stick to the hairstyles I can actually do! I try not to fight my hair, rather than go against it – I go with it… “Que Sera, Sera.” translation… “What will be, will be.”!!!

Tips for folks thinking about starting a henna regimen?
Do your research, make sure it’s BAQ (Body Art Quality), check CN for tips and don’t break the bank. #ItTakesTimeAndMoney

#HennaQueen- MamaNaturalista's Story

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