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Traveling With Natural Hair- CN’s Favorite Things!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
natural hair travel
Y’all know I stay gone during the winter (hell, the summer too) with our international shenanigans and family fun time,  so consolidating my hair care arsenal is an absolute necessity.  I used to haul a gang of products and tools around the globe, like enough that it filled it’s own carry-on size suitcase (which sucked cause I had to pay to check it anyway).  But now, with a rather solid and predictable hair regimen and a small group of products that do double duty,  I can pack extra clothes! #SheStayFresh

Coconut Oil- The pre-poo-boo! And sometimes I use it mid-week to restore shine and add some lubrication to the ends. I also use it to oil pull and to make my face great.  I usually buy Nutiva brand– unrefined and cold pressed. 

Giovanni Direct Leave-In– I get the bestest, fluffiest, chunkiest twist-outs when I use this on t-shirt dried, barely damp hair.  My hair is moisturized but feels as if it has nothing in it!  I’m happy I revisited.  It’s my HG for twistouts right now.  #ForTheFineHairedDivas

Henna Sooq’s Red Raj Henna– I mix a little with Aussie Moist or whatever conditioner I have on deck (and sometimes a little green or black tea to get the reduced shedding benefits from the caffeine) for a quick and efficient henna gloss.  It rinses clean and stains brilliantly. That 100g box will last me the entire 3 weeks I’m away from home. 

Bass Brush– This brush.  It’s like the Denman’s (aka SHREDDER) gentler, sweeter twin.  It’s an effective curl clumper and definer, but it can also detangle your situation without completely disrespecting your strands.  I use it after finger detangling Gia’s hair to smooth it before wet setting, and I use it on my hair as the last detangling step prior to twisting.  It breaks up my natural curl pattern so that it more readily accepts the looser pattern of the two-strand twists.  The pins are made from bamboo, they’re ultra smooth and never snag.  It’s cheap too!  I also use it for blow-outs too.  It’s basically a wonder brush.

Scalp Massager- Y’all already know.  I get my whole, entire life with this thing.

Not pictured is my Aussie Moist (which I need to get more of because I used the last little bit before my NYC trip, yesterday).  I use it to detangle in the shower, to deep treat, to henna gloss and to co-wash! #MultiPurpose #NShit  Using the above products, I only have to shampoo once a month, and when I do, I use Giovanni’s Triple Tea Tree or Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Poo.  Because of this, I only pack a 3oz size of shampoo.  Finally, my plastic baggies are missing from the photo, as well as my flexi rods,
blow dryer (which has an air concentrator and a diffuser), satin pillow case, bobby
pins and my satin scarf (just in case).  Still hella stuff, lol, but nothing like the old situation.  

Later Gators,

What products would make the cut? What’s in your suitcase?

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