#Bollywoodin #LikeARockStar

I must apologize in advance for the ballerific nature of this post. I’m no stranger to the red carpet treatment and we’ve stayed in fabulous cribs in fabulous destinations but *insert Katt Williams voice* this sh*t right here… this is something else entirely.

I called ahead to the Trident, a 5 star hotel in Nariman Point, Mumbai, to alert them of our pending arrival from Bandra West. #ExpectUs

Now I ain’t gonna lie, I told them I was kind of a big deal *bats eyelashes innocently* 

…and after what I assume was a brief Google search, they informed us that they were happy to provide complimentary accommodations.  I’m thinking they’re going to give us a suite. Dope, right?

Little did I know…

Read On!>>>
Let me set the scene–

The driver safely delivered us from our condo in northern Mumbai to the front door of the Trident.  The lobby is fancy and the service was top shelf #YaKnow.

Now, ever since we touched down in Mumbai, we’ve been treated with the utmost respect. People are really polite. Like, too polite. I’m from Ferguson, people don’t treat us nice.  So this has taken some getting used to.  So anyway, we get to the check in counter and I probably said thank you 50 times before they showed us to our room… way up in the sky, in the back… like the back back, like at the end of the hall…like, the penthouse corner suite.

In Washington, D.C., I live on the top floor of a building.  This. Ain’t. That. This is a 1 bed room, 2 bathroom, kitchen containing, panoramic view having, corner-suite-situation.  We can see the Arabian Sea from the living room and the city scape from the bedroom. There’s a conference table, a sitting area, a got damn TV above the tub and a closet so big I asked hubby if it was a room for the kids. Trident Hotel got me feeling like:

Why don’t you peep the view and let me know what you think–

#WhereTheCarpetAtTho #AllStoneAndWoodErrythang
That glass window on the left by the TV, looks in on the in-suite bathroom– it has a privacy blind, but it’s #WayMoreDoper open.
The view from the other side of the glass
Transparent sinks #WhereTheyDoThatAt
The view from the sitting room- that’s called the Queen’s Necklace, ‘because at night time, when the street lights are switched on, it looks like a glittering diamond necklace’. 
 Nyasha, where you at?!  Come thru and let’s turn southern Mumbai up! #INeedIT

So after reveling in the awesomeness, we explored and found that the Trident Hotel has a mall too–
Really? #WhereTarjayAtTho
Then we checked out the waterfront/Queen’s necklace…

 …where we met an interesting guy from L.A. who is married and yet traveling alone because his wife is with her parents in Australia… and he hates her parents, so… lol.  He also shared that the crowd of excited folks behind us (speaking Hindi) were mistaking hubby for Usher.  And of course my darling husband threatened to get up and bust some moves #LetItBurn–

And finally, we headed for the hotel’s restaurant for lite fares and dranks-

And look who dropped in– 
Hey Tatyana, boo! #Crown
And in other, unrelated news, since I haven’t slept in two days (#PrayersForGrandmaMaxine), I decided to wash my hurr–
I allowed my naked hair to air-dry and then applied Giovanni Direct in sections, two-strand twisted and rolled the ends on flexis. 
Later Gators,
p.s. Grandma Maxine updates— They put a permanent pacemaker in (she’d go into cardiac arrest without it) and she’s still in recovery, but totally conscious and aware. And get this, I talked to her yesterday! My dad had showed her the post and the comments and she wanted me to tell you guys how much she appreciates the love.  As do I.  Thank y’all so much. #TheWonderWorkingPowerOfPrayer 

My Grandma has long since been both aware of and at peace with her own mortality.  A minute ago, my dad relayed that she told him that she really worries about me because I love her so much… that she doesn’t know how I’ll cope.  She’s told me that before, and I always tell her not to talk like that, but I guess it’s my turn to tell her not to worry about me. #ShesHereNow #AndAlways 
p.p.s.  I’m living in the future and midnight is a mere 3 hours away.  Happy New Year, chicas. *cheers* and here’s to a happy, peaceful and prosperous 2015. I’ll check in soon. Love you guys.

the view of the strip from the penthouse #TheyTooTurnt


 the view from the spot + the kiddos and their lanterns


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