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A New Way to Blow Dry 4c Natural Hair!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
A New Way to Blow Dry 4c Natural Hair!

Nappy Fu writes:

“Sometimes a Natural likes to rock straight styles, better yet, semi straight styles. However, if your natural hair is kinky and coily this can be a challenge. Have you ever done a blow-out in which your hair looks like you didn’t just spend two hours blow drying section by section? Yes honey, been there done that. This was my experience each year I did my ‘End of the Year Blow Out’. To make matters worse my hair would feel brittle and dry! Horrible combination for my type 4c hair. Who has time for this? Not I, and I knew I had to do something about it. I had to figure out how to blow dry kinky hair while maintaining softness and movement in my hair.”

A New Way to Blow Dry 4c Natural Hair!

Nappy Fu told me that she had relied on the Comb Method in the past, and that the high heat and excessive combing wasn’t letting her be great.  After some rather intense Youtube research, she came across a new method which-

• leaves hair semi straight
• reduces damage to cuticle layer
• reduces moisture loss
• avoids tangled ends
• does not involve combing or brushing through each section while blow drying
• gives volume and no frizz (or minimal frizz)
• leaves hair feeling soft and moisturized
• will allow hair to easily revert back

Watch Now!>>>

Nappy Fu’s vid-

RenieceHairTV ‘s vid-

Do you blow dry your hair? How often and what technique?

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