Hola Chicas!
For those of you that are new to CN, Fierce Friday is a way to celebrate our natural hair, displaying our dopest styles and best hair days… for inspiration and motivation. Wanna be featured? All you have to do is upload your favorite pics to Instagram with the tags #FierceFriday and #CurlyNikki. Be sure to share a brief description of the style, where you were headed, why you felt amazing, and thangs of that nature!
Fro | tas·tic @hey_curlie
#longwalk#teamnatural_ @zion_aug

My first time being comfortable enough to wear my hair out in its fro, I got so much positive feedback, it made me so much more comfortable! @Brigiteeeee

my first attempt at doing a 3 strand flat-twist out! I was very happy with the result. -Christy
Loving the results of this #rollerset. Now let’s see how long I can make it last. The last one I did only lasted a day: humidity was not on my side. Oh, and products used: Wen cowash, Giovanni direct leave-in, #carolsdaughter Macadamia heat setting foam, and just a dab of ecostyler gel for a little extra hold @danadanabobana7

Fresh wash and go @kingteeuhh

Come through big hair, make em stare @mochacurlie89

Listening to #Goapele #StrongasGlassi @it_sshayday

Enjoy your Hair @igbocurls

# #bighair #natural loving my big hair #curls @1ashleylovely