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Curly Nikki

5 Long Lasting Natural Hair Styles

By January 27th, 202119 Comments
5 Long Lasting Natural Hair Styles

Does your lifestyle leave you too exhausted to styling your coils
everyday? Have you made multiple attempts to achieve second day hair
with a pineapple and a spritz of water? Length is one of the factors in
finding low maintenance hair styles that last anywhere from three
days to a week.

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Start With a Defined Style
The key to maintaining set styles for multiple days is starting with a
defined style, preferably something that is styled while the hair is
wet or damp. Whether it’s wet set or a dry flat-twist out, you’ll lose
more definition over time, so the more defined the hair is to start
with, the longer it will last.

Learning how to achieve your desired style comes with trial and
error, but staple elements in maintaining the health of your hair
shouldn’t change. Don’t compromise the health of your hair for
aesthetics. Your hair will also be easier when you treat it with proper

Apply Products Correctly
Product application plays a major role in getting a lasting style.
Shingling products along the length of your strands allows the hair to
better retain moisture. It also holds the style for a longer period of
time because the products are evenly distributed.

For those living in a humid climates with high dew points, assure
that the moisture reinforcements in your regimen contain fewer levels of
humectants. Hair frizzes due to swelling of the hair shaft. Dry hair
expands in order to grasp moisture in the air. If your hair contains
high levels of humectants, then it will swell when pulling moisture from
the air. Balance is key.

Remember that water is the only source of moisture, so when setting
your hair, it’s important to at least spritz your tresses before sealing
with an oil or butter mixture.

Here are some coily hair styles that require very little maintenance and can last up to a week.

    • Finger coils (TWA or short): Finger coils can last anywhere from four days to an entire week. The only
      maintenance that is needed is a satin bonnet before bed and a spritz of
      water before starting your day. The smaller they are, the longer they
    • Small flat-twist outs (Medium length): Not only does styling flat-twist outs
      in small sections allow the coils to stretch more but it also does not
      require re-twisting at night. After moisturizing your hair before bed,
      all you need is a satin scarf to wrap around your hair and a satin
      bonnet to prevent the scarf from falling off.
    • Updos (Medium or Long): Don’t want to rock cornrows? You don’t have to. Bobby pins
      are your best friend. By taking an old (or new) flat-twist out or twist
      left in tact, you can just grab and pin your hair into the style you
      desire. This method will also add texture to your styles.
    • Wash ‘n’ goes  (Medium or Long): Using the pineapple method
      at the crown, sides, or nape of the neck allows you to maintain
      definition of your curls original pattern. Spritzing with water in the
      morning will allow your curls to spring back into place after being
      flattened during sleep.
    • Braid outs (Medium or Long)Braid
      outs are a great way to combat shrinkage and single strand knots.
      Whether you braid in big or small sections, you only need to put your
      hair in chunky twists before bedtime to keep the set in tact for the
      next day.
How do you achieve lasting hairstyles?


  • Anonymous says:

    Thank for providing a lot vital tricks for your readers…

    Indian Remy Hair

  • Anonymous says:

    I like twist outs on freshly washed hair and the tnc I learned from curly Nikki I love it.

    Megan Montgomery

  • Anonymous says:

    @ jly June 6, 2012 1:54 PM – you say your coil outs won't hold?

    1. Are the sections of hair too large for your curl pattern? Tighter curl patterns may need smaller coils. Try making them smaller.

    2. I agree with what Nish at 3:33pm wrote, "It is a tedious process but I twists my hair with no type of pattern, just section with my fingers and twist".

    3. Have you tried bantu knots? Hair at least 4-5 inches long can be coiled in a bantu knot and secured at the base of the knot with a hairpin if needed. Kerry has great coil/bantu knot tutorials on her YouTube channel "SimplYounique"

    4. Your products, gel, aloe vera gel, flaxseed gel are only effective with a good technique. You can do a coilout with water only if your hair is moist enough and the clump of hair is not too large.


  • Anonymous says:

    Serve God

  • Lisa says:

    I did a wash n go on Saturday with Curls Unleased defining creme and Eco styler olive oil gel. On Sunday night I twisted my hair after spritzing with water and aloe vera juice and a bit of pure coconut oil and had THE BEST wash n go/twist out on my hair. I pineapple at night and sleep with satin bonnet and three days later it still looks great.

    Thanks to you all for your great tips/stories and comments!

  • Braelynn says:

    I workout 5 days a week, and since my hair is in that in between stage, I have to style it every night. I swear PROFUSELY in my head and hair.I usually do twist outs. I know that low manipulation contributes to length retention, but I am not down with the shrunken Afro look either. I put it in box braids to give it a break from time to time.

  • Meika says:

    I usually do twist outs and style from there. I make sure i cover my hair every night so that my hair can stay neat.

  • B. Bass says:

    Braid outs give me the most stretch and I love updos with stretched hair. I can wear them to work or school. Plus, I can tie a scarf around my edges and work out without sweating out my style too bad

  • Nish says:

    Finger coils/two-strand twists have definitely saved my TWA. I started my natural journey bald, I mean all scalp, and the first 3 months were not easy because I could not style my baby fro. Now that I have reached my 7th month I'm having a blast doing two-strand twists. I co-wash or shampoo and then I go to work with some Oyin Whipped Pudding or Shea Moisture Curl Cream (which my hair could not stand in the winter…lesson learned). It is a tedious process but I twists my hair with no type of pattern, just section with my fingers and twist. The next morning I unravel my twists and refresh with some H2O and and little more cream. The results are amazing…in my eyes.

  • marianela says:

    I like my wash and goes and my up-do's the most because they tend to last until my next wash with proper maintenance.

  • Bridget says:

    My go to hairstyle is the wash-n-go. I maintain this style by pulling my hair back into a low ponytail and covering my hair with a satin wrap. In the mornings, I remove the satin wrap, shake, spritz, add a little product (if needed) and go.

  • Anonymous says:

    I like to twist my hair while damp that's when I get the best definition & I can wear the twist for a few days & then do a twist out. The twist out last for at least 3 days without having to retwist at night & then I can bun or do a roll & tuck for the rest of the week until wash day.

    Brooke B.

  • jly says:

    My hair is transitioning from twa to medium length and the finger coils seem to be my only options at the moment….but my issue is my hair is just stubborn! It just wont hold with gel, aloe vera gel, flaxseed gel or any form of hold….One night (with even a satin wrap), it becomes unravel….which leaves me to rock a unexpected twist out…anybody has any other ideas for protective styles for growing TWA?

  • Chelle says:

    finger coils accomplished with Eco styler gel. I cannot mist with water either because my hair is highly porous. I co-wash every three days.

    Anonymous 8:20 I too have been searching for the right products to eliminate the frizz and provide sheen. Unfortunately, I cannot use oils because they do not agree with the texture of my hair. I get a white film, and the oil does not penetrate but sits on top of the hair. I have an arsenal of products that I have purchased and cannot use…

  • Derika says:

    I'm transitioning to natural hair right now so I'm still experimenting a lot. So far I love twist outs but I haven't tried flat twists yet. I'm not very talented when it comes to styling lol

  • Anonymous says:

    Dear Derdie B (love that name, LOL), I tried the Ouidid Hydrafusion Cream Nikki spoke of. This is day 3 hair, and mmmmmmm, I'm gonna wash it today.

    I look like Little Orphan Annie right now, but I got NO shrinkage on my TNC (YAY).

    I am still working on addressing the sheen issue. My TNC looks dull. The Ouidad Hydrafusion has "sparkles/glitter" in it that didn't make my hair look any shinier.

    The Redken Smooth Down Butter Treat did not help with sheen, (already owned a small sample bottle), nor did oil sealing the ends!


    ~Anonymous 8:20

  • Derdie B says:

    haha Anonymous 8:20, we share the EXACT challenges. (sigh)

  • Unknown says:

    the wash & go pineapple works well with my hair, i love how it stretches my hair. and thanks to an article i read on shea butter along my hairline and tied with a scarf around my hairline reduced frizzies greatly 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    I learned through that my hair is highly porous!

    I get more mileage from damp sets with anti-humectant products. A "lasting hairstyle" for me would be 3 day hair. My hair is too kinky to mist with water, I would lose all definition on my style. I'm past TWA but not quite BAA yet.

    My 4c coils frizz terribly when my twist-outs aren't completely dry, completely detangled, and completely hands out of the 'fro.

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