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5 Newbie Natural Hair Youtubers to Watch!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
5 Newbie Natural Hair Youtubers to Watch!
 by Kanisha Parks of

YouTube has been a haven for natural hair enthusiasts for several years now. It’s a place where you can learn new styles, watch product reviews, and find other naturals who have hair textures similar to your own to help guide you along your journey. Plus, it’s a great way to motivate you throughout your transition, big chop, and life with natural hair. You may already be following the journeys of heavyweights such as My Natural Sistas, CharyJay, and MsVaughn, for example, but there plenty of up and coming natural hair YouTubers ready to get in on the action. I’m always on the hunt for new natural hair Youtubers to follow and we’ve found some excellent contenders on the rise. You may or may not have heard of some of them, but they are all worth checking out!

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Shanna Jayy
Always funny and never boring, Shanna Jayy is a “college curlie” with a head full of beautiful, bouncy curls. She welcomes questions and video requests, and isn’t afraid to try new things: she’s colored multiple times, straightened and tried a bentonite clay mud mask, but her go-to style seems to be the wash and go.

Danny is also adventurous when it comes to styling: she’s done twistouts, braidouts, wigs, box braids, wand curls, Curlformers and more. She also features fashion & beauty videos on her channel and uploads every Wednesday and Sunday.

Paris’ videos are informative, interesting, and cover a range of topics. She’s all about encouraging new naturals and also transitioners. She’s done wand curls, flexi rods, wash and gos, and Havana twists. Plus, her hair is absolutely gorgeous

Ther’s definitely never a dull moment when it comes to Mary- she’s a hoot! Not only is she fun to listen to, but she’s honest and enjoys sharing what she’s learned along the way with others. She currently utilizes the Curly Girl Method for her natural hair and has had excellent results.

This southern belle is a protective styling queen and showcased her transition to natural hair and big chop on her YT channel. She’s now been natural for over a year and has featured fluffy curls, wigs, and wash and gos, and more on her channel. She also discusses having confidence with your natural hair and is open about how this has affected her own natural hair journey.

Who are some of your favorite Natural Hair Youtubers? Let us know!

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