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Sweet Almond Oil to Reduce Hair Breakage & Increase Shine!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Sweet Almond Oil to Reduce Hair Breakage & Increase Shine!

by Yolanda Renee @etcblogmag

Are you looking for a staple oil with a plethora of benefits? Then look no further, sweet almond oil is here to save the day. It’s a carrier oil which is very similar to coconut oil; both are great sealants for deep moisture.

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There are also tons of fatty acids in this oil which gives it the power to penetrate your strands and adds moisture beyond the surface. Spraying a spritz that contains the sweet almond oil is recommended. If you do want to use it directly on your scalp, do so the day before washing… almost like a pre-poo. Another option is to use it as a deep conditioner that you will rinse out after 15-30 minutes. That way you can get all the benefits, but during the wash and you’ll rinse some of it away to eliminate over saturation. Rule of thumb, too much of a good thing can be very bad. Here’s a quick recipe for your strands which includes sweet almond oil:

Sweet Almond Oil to Reduce Hair Breakage & Increase Shine!

After using sweet almond oil for awhile you will notice your hair is more shiny and frizz free. Being frizz free will eliminate breakage, which in turn allows you to retain length. Speaking of length, if you love using castor oil but hate the smell you can also use sweet almond oil to tone down the burnt scent. This combo will increase hair growth and eliminate hair loss at the same time. Even the use of almond oil alone is known to promote growth because of the protein content. Add a scalp massage to the mix and your scalp and strands will love you forever!

Sweet Almond Oil to Reduce Hair Breakage & Increase Shine!

Have split ends? You can add equal portions of sweet almond and olive oils to heal split ends. Who knew? Right. Try it out and you may be able to skip that trim next month! There are so many ways you can use sweet almond oil. The possibilities are endless; some people are against using oils as a heat protectant however, its known that if you use the oil on your hair while its wet or damp it can protect your hair from heat styling too.

Finally, there are lots of vitamins and nutrients packed in sweet almond oil- vitamins A, B1, B6, E, magnesium and protein. So if you are ready to have healthy, shiny hair with no split ends…this is the oil for you!

How do you use sweet almond oil in your routine?

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