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The Most Effective Way to Use Oil On Your Natural Hair

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
The Most Effective Way to Use Oil On Your Natural Hair

We love using different oils on our hair for various reasons–pre-pooing, deep treatments, sealing, adding shine–to name a few. Massaging our hair and scalps with oils feels wonderful and provides us with many benefits such as increased hair growth, shinier and stronger hair. Dr. Rohini Wadhwani of Skin Essentials says “oiling hair has a multi-dimensional effect. And it helps by increasing the tensile strength of the hair, reducing the frizziness and preventing breakage.”

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How often do I need to use it till I notice a difference?
You do not need to oil your hair every single day to start experiencing the benefits. As little as one time a week would be good but a nice rule of thumb to follow is to oil your hair the nights before you will wash it. For example, I wash my hair 2 or 3 times a week so the nights before I will wash the next morning are when I will oil my hair. Sleeping with oils in your hair can be messy so I recommend placing a towel over your pillow or sleep in a satin bonnet. If you do not want to oil your hair overnight, another option is to oil it and leave it on a few hours prior to washing–also known as pre-pooing.

What is the most effective way of using oil on my hair?

Massaging hair oils into your scalp while oiling can help promote healthy hair growth. Sharon Hopkins of Pioneer Thinking says “ The massaging and oiling of your hair stimulates the blood circulation, which in return helps your hair. Due to the oil, your hair is protected from the strong and hot sun rays. The oil also gives your hair that extra shine.” Massaging your scalp while oiling your hair, or even better getting a partner to do so for you can help ease stress and tension which can attribute to excess hair loss. Some good essential oils for hair growth include rosemary, peppermint, tea tree, castor and lavender.

Note: Essential oils are extremely potent, so it is important to use a few drops in carrier base oil such as jojoba or sweet almond to dilute them so they are safer to use for hair and skin.

Which oil does my hair need?
You may want to do a patch test to make sure you do not have any allergies before trying any new oil on your hair and/or skin. Always consult with your physician if you have any concerns or are unsure.

  • Coconut oil can be beneficial for those with damaged hair. Coconut oil is one of the only oils that penetrate into the center of the hair shaft and using it regularly may help strengthen the hair fibers.
  • Jojoba oil is a good option if you hair is very dry as it can help to moisturize and soften your hair. This oil may also help make detangling easier during pre pooing.
  • Argan Oil is high in Vitamin E. This oil can help improve hair’s elasticity and also lead to softness and shine.

What if I use too much oil?
If your hair is prone to frizz, you can use your favorite oil on dry hair as a styler with added treatment benefits. A little goes a long way with this, as using too much oil for styling purposes may result in hair looking greasier than you hope. If you do overuse oil as a styler, a good dry shampoo such as Devacurl No Poo Quick Cleanser, can help fix that mistake.
How do I oil my hair?

Start by rubbing a small amount (nickel-sized to begin with) of oil or oil mix between your hands (see our Top 20 Carrier Oils list for recommendations based on your hair type). Then scrunch the oil through the lengths of your hair. Depending on what your scalp needs, you can also use a small amount of oil to massage your scalp.

What is an oil pre-poo?- Watch CurlyNikki’s Dr. Oz episode to learn the benefits of pre-poos!

To sum it up
Oils have so many benefits for your hair and there are so many out there- different mixes and essential oils with great benefits. Try some out and see what ones your hair likes the best!

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