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Caring for Your Natural Hair on Vacation

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Caring for Your Natural Hair on Vacation
by Jonna of

Summer is here! The kids are out of school, the sun is shining, and it’s time to take a much-needed vacation. For most of us, the ideal vacation destination is somewhere sunny, with lots of things to do and places to explore. Maybe the beach, a national park, or an amusement park is in your travel plans. When it comes time to start packing, here are some must have products for natural hair while on vacation:

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#1 Satin or silk scarf Caring for Your Natural Hair on Vacationor bonnetCaring for Your Natural Hair on Vacation.
Don’t leave home without your favorite satin or satin scarf or bonnetCaring for Your Natural Hair on Vacation to keep your natural hair protected while you sleep.

#2 Hair ties, ponytail holdersCaring for Your Natural Hair on Vacation and hair pinsCaring for Your Natural Hair on Vacation.

These little jewels are natural hair lifesavers while you are on vacation. Whip them out when you want to put your hair away from your face, or tucked away all together. If you have a style fail while out and about, these can come in handy to help save the day.

#3 Coconut OilCaring for Your Natural Hair on Vacation

This oil is all-purpose. It can be used for your hair and your skin – shoot, you can even cook with it while on vacation. Some people even use it to shave with, and you can also use it to remove makeup. With all of these use and a ton more that I just don’t know about I’m sure, packing a travel size container of coconut oil can make for more space in your luggage. Since coconut oil is light, its great for the warm (or just down right hot) weather. It’s one of the few oils that penetrates the hair shaft and it is a great oil for keeping your natural hair in good condition.

#4 Sulfate-free, moisturizing shampooCaring for Your Natural Hair on Vacation
Depending on how long you’ll be gone, or what activities you plan to get in to, having a shampoo that you trust is a good idea. What is provided at the hotel may not be the best option for your natural hair, so pack one that you trust. A sulfate-free and moisturizing shampoo is a great option so that your hair stays moisturized.

#5 Leave-In ConditionerCaring for Your Natural Hair on Vacation
Leave-in conditioners should be a part of your natural hair regimen; learn why here. The extra layer of conditioning will help keep your hair moisturized. Most can double as a refresher or daily moisturizer as well. Definitely be sure to pack a travel size leave-in, or transfer your favorite into a travel-size container.

#6 Hair Covering
Whether it’s a hat, turban, or head wrapCaring for Your Natural Hair on Vacation, definitely pack some sort of head covering for your trip. This keeps your hair protected from the elements, especially the sun, in a stylish way. I love to pick up scarves from the thrift store, and use them as head wraps. Here’s an easy tutorial on how to tie a scarf into a head wrap.

#7 Your absolute, go-to, standby styling product
Being away from home, especially if attending an important event, is not the ideal time to find out that a product doesn’t work for you. If you plan on doing a particular style while on vacation, pack your favorite product. Even if it doesn’t come in a travel size, you can make any product travel friendly by transferring it to a travel-size containerCaring for Your Natural Hair on Vacation. I also save sample packs of my favorites that I receive when I attend natural hair events.

#8 Chlorine shampoo Caring for Your Natural Hair on Vacation
If your plans involve swimming in a pool or visiting a water park, be sure to pack a shampoo designed to remove chlorine from your hair. Chlorine left behind by traditional shampoos and really damages your hair. These shampoos are often very stripping, understandably so, but following up with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner should add back any moisture lost.

Being away from home doesn’t have to mean your hair will suffer. These are absolutely must-have items in my book to get you and your hair through your next vacation. What vacation plans do you have for this summer?

Did I miss one of your vacation must-haves for your hair? Tell us about it in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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