A new category of hair styling tool has emerged. It has been seen at stores like Michael’s, local beauty supplies, Amazon, and more. Type 4 naturals everywhere have been able to achieve defined twists–and even start dreads–with this innovative hair sponge, also sometimes called a twist or loc sponge.

What makes it so different from a regular sponge? It contains tiny suction holes on the foam side of the sponge that, when used on damp hair and spun around, grab the hair and twists a tendril, piece by piece.

What would normally take hours sometimes is now reduced to only minutes with the help of the twist/loc hair sponge. Online, mostly men and those with short, tapered cuts are using a hair sponge to define their coily hair.



Vloggers and barbers use these

How to twist your hair with a sponge

  1. Apply your twisting styling product all over your head at once–we like Darcy’s Botanicals Avocado & Honey Twisting Cream.
  2. Use sponge and go in a circular motion across your head.
  3. Add a small dollop sized amount of styling pomade like SheaMoisture Three Butters Styling Pomade to secure the look.

What not to do

  1. Use it on straight hair. This specific product is meant for naturally textured, coarse hair.
  2. Use it on dry hair. To avoid breakage from the friction of the sponge material, style with slightly damp hair.
  3. Press heavily on the hair. 
  4. Spin in different directions. Keep your direction of spinning consistent throughout the entire head.

Watch these tutorials!

Hair sponge hack: make your own
Demi Suave shows you in his video–

Have you used a twist/loc hair sponge before?