My hair has definitely seen brighter days. Those days I’ve gently massaged my scalp, covered it in olive oil and sat under the dryer. It’s even remembered the days I would religiously wear my satin scarf and take my Vivscal hair vitamins for extra nutrients.

Now, each day is a fight. At some point I aspire to hire a glam squad to visit me every morning to give me fierce hair and beat my face into red carpet-ready glamour. Until then, my hair (which I call Angela), will see more dark days then usual.

Caring for my hair is sometimes a dreadful task. From keeping it moisturized to keeping up with the latest trends and surfing for style inspiration, I’m ready to retire.

Nonetheless if I want to keep the hair on my head I’ve got to whip my hair into shape pronto. This month I’ve made a commitment to take better care of my hair by doing the following:

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  • Drinking water – Since my experience in the ER a few days ago I’ve made drinking water a priority. You would NOT believe how much shine and luster my hair has with just tripling my water consumption. My skin is supple, my scalp is moisturized and my locs could not glisten any more beautifully in the sunshine. It’s a cheap beauty trick. Get on it pronto!
  • Regular moisturizing – I used to only moisturize my hair when it got dry. It was a tremendous hassle and I don’t like to have gooey or oily residue on my hands. My quirks left my locs looking crunchy and ashy. Now I hydrate at least every three days before bed with some olive oil I spread through my hair and cover with my scarf.
  • Steaming – I know that most of you are on that amazing huetiful system and steaming your hair to perfection. I’ve turned my shower into my personal oasis and letting the water get nice and steamy before stepping in. I’ve recently ditched my shower cap in favor of some shower TLC. At some point I’ll break down and get the real steamer but I’m loving the extra bit of time in the bathroom that gives me the opportunity to treat my hair and sing along to my Solange station on Pandora.

Don’t give up on your hair care maintenance plan. It can be tedious but not impossible!

In a hair rut? What are your plans to jump start a healthy hair routine?