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The thought of having to deal with dry, frizzy hair doesn’t get any of
us transitioners and naturals smiling from ear to ear. It can
de-motivate you in trying out new hairstyles, and result in you throwing
an insult or two at your crowning glory. Before you get stuck in a rut,
here are a few ways you can gain back that moisture and put your days
of dry hair to bed!

Deep Conditioning
For me, this has to be the number one solution to combating dry hair. I have learned that my hair needs a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week, or it begins to lack shine, moisture and softness. It boosts moisture levels in my hair, making it easier to maintain moisturised hair throughout the rest of the week. If your hair seems to be getting dry more often, consider upping your deep conditioning game!

Satin, Satin, Satin!
This is SO important in my regime. The nights where I have slept without
a satin scarf/pillow have left me with drier hair the next morning.
This sucks if you have just spent the night deep conditioning away, as
all that hard work goes down the drain! I know that it can be annoying
to go through this each night, but you will be glad you fought the
laziness when you wake up with softer, moisturised hair in the morning.

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Consider Changing Products
If you have been using a product for a significant amount of time and
are yet to see any results, it might be time to let it go. Sometimes we
want a product to work so badly that we ignore the fact that our hair
isn’t receiving the love it needs. Identify which ingredients are
appearing in the products that do work for you, so you can make better
decisions when you decide to treat yourself to a new product. Avoid
drying hair ingredients such as; sulfates, non water soluble silicones,
petrolatum which can actually disrupt natural moisture instead of
providing it. 

Moisturise Baby, Moisturise!
How many times have you heard this? Our beautiful kinks and curls thrive
off of the stuff! Hair that has been moisturised is less prone to
breakage, is stronger, and has a healthier environment to nurture hair
growth. Many natural hair textures absorb a lot of moisture, but have a
hard time retaining it, so it is important that you are sealing in
moisture with either an oil or a butter. Some moisturising ingredients
you should look out for are; avocado, honey, glycerin, aloe vera and
vitamin E.

Hang Up The Heat…
The heat appliances used on our hair work by drying out the water, and
any moisture we have in our hair strands. This can lead to dry, brittle
and damaged hair if care isn’t taken when flat ironing or blow drying
hair. If you think that heat tools may be the contributing factor to
your hair becoming dry, consider staying away from them as much as you
can. If and when you do use heat appliances, make sure you are using a
good heat protectant and that the temperature isn’t too high.

Water Inside And Out
For many of us, water has become the cheapest and most easily accessible
natural moisturiser in town. But, how many of us are drinking the
stuff? Try increasing your water intake if you are suffering from dry
hair, to allow water to get to work from both the inside and outside.

What’s the key to keeping your hair moisturized?