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Top 10 Natural Hair Weave and Wig Companies

By January 27th, 20212 Comments

Top 10 Natural Hair Weave and Wig Companies
by Jonna of

Whether you’re transitioning from relaxed to natural, looking for a protective style option, or just want to switch up your look– wearing weave or extensions is the way to go for a lot of women. Until more recently, women with naturally curly or kinky hair would be hard pressed to find hair extensions that match their hair texture. Malaysian, Peruvian, even Phillipino maybe. But what if you’re looking to rock hair extensions that look something like your own kinks and curls?

Within the past few years, this void in the marketplace has been filled. Weave and extensions are now available that resemble textured natural hair. Now women can find weave with the kinkiest of kinks so no one has to feel left out. What makes these new options so significant is that you don’t have to manipulate your own hair as much to get the two textures to match. Which is part of the whole point of protective styling anyway. You also can experiment with colors and styles that you may not want to do on your own hair, like going blonde or a shorter cut. One other perk is that others are less likely to know that you’re wearing extensions.

Here’s a list of the 10 best natural hair weave companies servicing all the naturalistas. Most offer a variety of options including wigs, clip-in wefts, closures, and sew-in extensions to suit your styling needs.

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1. Heat Free Hair.
Heat Free Hair is hand selected from one donor at a time and kept with the full cuticle in tact. The owner is a natural hair stylist and certified Hair Manufacturing technologist. The hair matches and blends with a variety of curl patterns and hair types. 100% virgin human hair comes in wefted hair, closures, wigs, and clip-ins.

Top 10 Natural Hair Weave and Wig Companies

2. Haute Kinky Hair.

Haute Kinky Hair uses 100% virgin kinky human hair that will match perfectly with 3b-4c hair textures. The Haute Coils collection is for 3b textured curlies, while the Haute Curls collection is for 3c/4a textured curlies and the Haute Kinks collection is for the 4b/4c textured curly. The hair can be dyed or bleached to match any hair color. You can use the hair to make it into a wig or for a sew-in.

Top 10 Natural Hair Weave and Wig Companies

3. Curlkalon.
Curlkalon Hair Collection is a protective styling brand that is the first to offer women pre-curled 100% synthetic hair designed to match her natural hair texture. Curlkalon uses a high quality 100% Toyokalon synthetic hair that last longer than many other fibers. While it is not a versatile as human hair, and heating tools are not recommended, it comes pre-curled which makes it easy to install crochet braids and the curls can last up to six weeks if cared for properly.

4. Private Stock Hair.  

Private Stock Hair is premium unprocessed cuticle hair. Each strand is carefully inspected to ensure natural luster, strength, color and structure. These hair pieces are 100% virgin and 100% human, and may be bleached, colored, or straightened and will revert back. They offer a variety of textures for kinky, coily, and curly naturals as well as straight and wavy styles. This brand of hair is available in signature wigs, clip-on extensions and hair closures.

Top 10 Natural Hair Weave and Wig Companies
Private Stock Hair ‘Frosace’ Wig worn by Yolanda Renee

5. Runway Curls
Runway Curls boasts Ethiopian Textured 100% Virgin Hair. All bundles come in a natural black color and can be bleached, colored or straightened and then brought back to its original curly or kinky form by simply wetting the hair. When properly cared for, this hair which comes on a weft and can be used multiple times. This super high grade hair is still made to be affordable to the everyday working woman.

6. CurlSistas.  

CurlSistas Hair is an exciting line of natural textured virgin human hair extensions. CurlSistas Hair matches your natural hair effortlessly and comes in wefted hair and clip-ins. The wear time is 1 year or more with proper care. CurlSistas hair is 100% human hair and can washed, dyed, and heated.

Top 10 Natural Hair Weave and Wig Companies

 7. My Natural Hair Extensions.  

My Natural Hair Extensions provides 100% remy hair. The hair has been steam processed to give it its course natural looking texture. The hair is also 100% human hair – no synthetic fillers or synthetic fibers. This hair is also virgin in color only (meaning the hair has not been dyed). These extensions are popular due to their natural appearance, low luster, manageability and ability to hold a curl.

8. Big Chop Hair.
Big Chop Hair comes in a wide range of textures and curl patterns, from spiral curls to kinky curly. The hair is 100% virgin and can be bleached or dyed any color to blend with your hair.

Top 10 Natural Hair Weave and Wig Companies
Big Chop Hair Kinky Curl U-Part Wig

9. BellaKurls.  
BellaKurls offers clip-in extensions made with premium quality 100% Virgin Indian Hair. They offer a variety of curly types: Curly, Kinky, and coming soon Afro & Wavy. Their clip-in sets are double-wefted with 226 grams, so you can add length and volume too.

10. ONYC
ONYC is 100% full cuticle human hair directly from a verifiable donor. ONYC hair is acquired one donor per bundle, which ensures the hair retains its natural texture, color and sheen per bundle. The hair is proven to be reusable for up to one full year, with some customers who reported using their hair for up to two years. It responds to chemicals just like human hair, so they can be effectively colored as desired.

Options. That’s one of the main reasons many women are wearing their natural hair. With these natural hair weave companies catering to textured hair, we now have even more options.

Have you tried any of these weave companies? Did we missed your favorite one? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!


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