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Hair Tip Tuesday: Don’t Weave It and Forget It!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Hair Tip Tuesday: Don't Weave It and Forget It!

by Toia B. of

I understand… sometimes our hair needs a break or we may want to make life a bit easier by installing a weave. Thing is, while they can be cute, some of us forget that we actually have hair under there! O_O Some women (and I know this for a fact!) feel that once they slap that puppy on, they can just get up and go for months on end without giving any attention to the hair growing out of their scalp. No bueno, kids!

You MUST take care of your OWN hair, even especially when you were weaves and wigs. That closed-in environment can become a hotbed for bacteria and fungus! Leaving your hair to its own devices can lead to buildup of excessive dandruff and more serious issues like hair loss and infections.

PLEASE, regularly cleanse, condition and moisturize your hair and scalp.

But some may wonder…

How Is That Possible With a “Sew-In”?
Sure, your hair may be all braided up but you can still effectively cleanse your scalp. Simply lift and section off each weft and apply your shampoo to as much of the area as you can. Here’s what I used to do: while in the shower, I’d wet my hair, apply the shampoo to each exposed row of scalp, massage it in, let it sit for a few minutes to let it do its thing, rinse and repeat. Same with the conditioner. Afterwards, be sure to completely dry your hair.

To prevent excessive dryness, some may use an applicator bottle of oil for the scalp and hair to lubricate the situation. Others may combine their favorite oils, a leave-in and other ingredients (such as glycerin and other humectants) into a spray bottle for easy application. Take a look at my spray bottle concoction.

So, ladies… don’t weave it (or wig it) and forget it! A protective style means nothing if you don’t actually take care of your own hair while wearing it.

If you wear weaves or wigs on occasion, how do YOU care for your hair? What are some techniques that have worked for you? Share below!

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