3 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Twist-Outs at Night

Tiffany writes:

“I did some small twists and wore those for a few days and now I have the best twist out I’ve ever had. But I can never seem to keep the results for more than a day, and I REFUSE to put all those twists back in every night. Anybody have any suggestions on how to maintain the definition overnight? I usually just put my bonnet on and pray for the best in the morning!”

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Jamila responds:

As with any protective style, always remember to moisturize. Before setting your hair for the night, I suggest spritzing with water or another moisturizing agent and sealing your ends with an oil or butter. Here are two simple ways to maintain your twists and twist outs for days!

Retwist in Big Chunks: 

It may seem like a pain, but retwisting your hair at night is one of the best ways to maintain the definition of your twists. Don’t worry– you don’t have to do mini twists every night to get the same look, you can retwist in bigger sections and get similar results!
Tips from the video: 
  • Take a big section of hair and stretch it out a bit 
  • If sections are frizzy, take shea butter or other creams and smooth it over each chunk 
  • You might want to stick with a lighter product so it doesn’t weigh down your twists
  • Get the twist really tight at the root, otherwise it will unravel 
  • If ends unravel, take a little bit of styler and twirl it on your ends for hold 
  • Sleep with a satin bonnet!
  • In the morning, separate them like normal and fluff at the roots 

Scrunchie Method: 

This is taken from Naptural85. Watch her maintaining routine starting at 5:15.
Tips from the video: 
  • Spritz your hair with water at night to moisturize 
  • Secure your hair with a satin scrunchie and make a bun
  • Make sure your ends are secure in the scrunchie 
  • Cover your hair with a satin bonnet! 
  • In the morning, shake it loose and re-mist with water. 
  • Separate your twists with your fingers for some extra volume. 


Pineappling refers to putting your hair at the crown of your head and securing it with a loose ponytail. Check out CurlyNikki’s pineappling method! If your hair is shorter, you will need to try the multi-pineapple. Here’s a guide on how to pineapple for all lengths…from twa to bsl. 
Ladies, how do y’all maintain your twist outs at night? 

This post was originally published on June 2012 and has been updated for grammar and clarity.