Hola Chicas!
Fierce Friday is a way to celebrate our natural hair, displaying our dopest styles and best hair days… for inspiration and motivation. Wanna be featured? All you have to do is upload your favorite pics to Instagram with the tags #FierceFriday and #CurlyNikki. Be sure to share a brief description of the style, where you were headed, why you felt amazing, etc.!

Because why not?  #indynaturals #naturalistasinnap #productjunkies #naturalhairproducts @daricerene
Hello October. Be sure to keep those ends protected with this nasty weather among us. The last thing you want is to have a banging twist out and ruin it as soon as you step out of the house in the rain. Are you ready for protective style season? I know I am. Have a Blessed day @curlssodope

Now this is a true wash and go! I applied deep conditioner for about 20 mins with steam last night. Rinsed with cool water and sealed with EVOO. Rinsed excess oil away and slept with two loose twists. Woke up. Unraveled twists. Added a bit more oil all over. Shook hair. Slapped some Eco on the top to contain the most obvious frizz. And BAM. Wash and go! #washandgo @keebrifrye

“Because she competes with no one, no one can compete with her.” Lao Tzu |? @girlswcurls 

The face you make when you finished answering emails! #curlynikki #protectivestyles @kyrawilliamsbeauty

Old pic…good hair day!!! @beautywithindaw

Mane Crush Monday…I revisited the #permrods Friday night. My hair was semi blown out and I spritz it with water..added #edenbodyworks creme styler and rolled. Click link in the bio! @mymoneetv

#HOTD High bun. #naturallycurly #naturalhairdaily #naturalhairrocks #curlynikki #naturalhair_ #naturalhair @ilikeweirdos35

Rocking my Corn Rows for the next 2 weeks! #protectivestyles #curlbox #curlynikki #curlygirl @_itsgabrielleb