Hola Chicas!
I’ll be back on the Dr. Oz show on Tuesday, December 1st talking home dye vs. salon dye (and I of course throw in a good word about henna).  Oh, and that would be my Dad… he may have been a wee bit proud 🙂

My dad had never been to NYC, let alone a TV set.  So I brought my Daddy to work and Dr. Oz’s team gave him an all access pass!  His face got stuck in that grin.

on the way to the studio
His first impression of Manhattan traffic and pedestrians? ‘Where in the hell are all these people going?!’
front row selfie in the audience (he watched the segment from behind the camera man, tho… couldn’t tell him nothin’)

Time Square, then dinner and we were back to DC! #DaddysGirl 

Later Gators!