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Curly Nikki

4 weeks straight #Literally

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
4 weeks straight #Literally
I stay hittin’ the #EasyButton…

…’cause it’s way too cold and my current mood is, ‘Nah‘.

As long as I’m light handed and only apply the Ultra Sheen every few days, I’m golden– like it’s not greasy at all, just damn luxurious.  Let’s see how long we can push it… #GreaseKnots #ForTheWin 

In short, every night, I–

1. finger detangle gently and create 8-12 bantu knots, securing each with a bobby pin
2. I apply a teeny bit of Ultra Sheen grease (the blue one) per section before knotting, focusing on the ends
3. Sleep on a satin pillow case
4. Release in the a.m. and luxuriate all day
5. Repeat

If I don’t feel like re-knotting (or have no where to go the next day), I make one or two big bantu knots (on the top of my head), tie my edges down with a satin scarf, and release in the a.m. to rock a high, messy bun.  #EasyButton

In other news- The District of Snow-lumbia…

4 weeks straight #Literally

Not a snow day, tho, just a late start day.  So we #RoofTopped it for a sec.  
Later Gators,

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