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Curly Nikki

Dear Nikki: “I can’t find a man. Help!”

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Dear Nikki: "I can't find a man. Help!"
been doing life with him since 2001 #DrDaddy

Hola Chicas,

Yesterday someone wrote in asking me how I created success, found purpose and love, and things of that nature.  Specifically, she wanted advice on getting a man. A good one.  THE ONE.  Now, usually, I don’t do this but uh, Imma go ‘head and share the secret to finding love… 

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It really is that simple.  And before you curse me out or call it cliche, or ‘cute’, hear me out  (I promise I’ll keep it short).

If, for you, love looks like dude saying nice things to you, doing sweet things for you, loving you unconditionally, spending time with you and listening to you, then incorporate some of those things in your life right now, like STAT.  Think good things about yourself, #TreatYoSelf, spend time with your self (seriously- stop texting and cut the TV off), love yourself unconditionally (most of us say we do, but our thoughts stay talking back). Also, give love, attention, respect and time to the people around you ’cause you receive what you send out. 

That’s how it works.  You just forgot.  You can’t have something and want something at the same time.  Two different frequencies.  You’ll only realize love by being it.

So be what you want to see.  Love yourself, unconditionally, right here, right now. Respect yourself and your time. Be the love you are.  And just like a mirror can’t help but reflect that fleek-ass rod set, your circumstances, your world, can’t help but reflect that love back to you with positive, meaningful interactions and relationships.  It happens fast, too.  Make loving and honoring yourself your number one purpose in life, and everything else will fall into place.

Later Gators,

p.s.  remember, that ‘dude’ is actually just the permission slip you give yourself, that allows you to relax your mind long enough to experience your default state of love and joy. Choosing to wait for him (or that tax refund, or that promotion, or that ‘perfect weight’), before you allow yourself to feel happy and loved, is a CHOICE. You are happy and loved now, you just haven’t realized it yet.  You can feel feel happy and loved NOW.  And when you do, happy and loving circumstances will show the hell up– they can’t help but to.  

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