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Bought a synthetic wig and wanna make it look dope as hell?  Like, make it look not ‘cheap’? Interested in learning how to protect and nourish your real hair while rocking wigs?  Welp, we got answers!

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Start by coating your fingertips in coconut oil and finger combing downward. It’s really important to use as little oil as possible. Since this hair is synthetic it doesn’t respond well to a lot of product. Take it easy and use a tiny bit at a time.

I do a few passes all the way through before I start combing and stopping just short of the ends. You don’t want to over fluff because again, synthetic hair doesn’t have the snapback of human hair. Once you over fluff, you’re in dangerous territory.

I like to leave the nape of the neck alone for the most part. The nape area is where synthetic wigs can really get nasty. They get tangled, matted, and its best to leave this area alone so it’ll be easier to finger comb it over time.

I leave out a very small perimeter to make it easier to blend. When I use this as a protective style, I braid my entire head in chunky “Bye Felicia” braids and moisturize them nightly. I’ll also part out my leave-out, braid it into three or so tiny braids with a bit of conditioner, and take them out in the morning. Doing the leave-out in this sort of mini braid-out gives me some excellent blending.

In this video I blended without a braid out just to give you a better idea of the texture. Check it out!

Here’s a link to the wig! It’s available on Amazon but you can find it in your local Beauty Supply as well.