DIY Leave-in Conditioner for Damaged Hair

The green stuff that is wheat germ oil. This stuff is awesome and what I mean by awesome is awesome! If you have not used or thought about using wheat germ oil, well then I’m going to need you to rethink that.

Though wheat germ oil is great for salads because of its nutty taste, it’s also excellent for hair because it is a ceramide oil. Ceramide oils work by creating a sort of protective barrier around the hair shaft which in turn holds in moisture and protein all while also protecting the hair from heat damage and UV rays (so it works as a sunscreen for your hair) and in doing so, helps to “repair” or prevent further damage to the cuticle layers of your hair.

You can use wheat germ oil a few times a week to keep your hair soft and supple. But don’t just take my word for it, try this hair magic moisturizer our for yourself!

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In a 8 oz bottle combine:
2 tablespoons of wheat germ oil (this is the brand i use)
1 tablespoons of hemp seed oil (also a ceramide oil; optional)*
2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons of organic aloe vera juice (not gel)
1 teaspoon of glycerin
4 tablespoons of your favorite leave-in conditioner
1/4 teaspoon of silk amino acids; adjust amount as needed (adds incredible slip and shine)
*if you do use the hemp and wheat germ oil, use only one (1) tablespoon of EACH.
Mix well and apply to hair, damp hair being best, being sure to store any left overs in the fridge for no more than three to four weeks. Using this moisturizer you’ll notice looser roots and more supple hair and again, you don’t have to use it everyday which makes this even more better!

Why wheat germ oil?
Wheat germ oil is an unrefined oil that is obtained from the germ of the wheat kernel. It is the richest source of Vitamin E than any other vegetable oil. It also has a high content of vitamin A and vitamin D. It is rich in protein and lecithin. It is very popular for external application due to its beneficial effects on the skin.

Obtained from the embryo or kernel of the wheat grain, wheat germ oil is a light yellow, fat soluble natural oil. As it is an unrefined oil, it has a thick consistency and a strong aroma. Although the germ of the wheat forms only 3% of the weight of the wheat grain, the wheat germ benefits stem from the fact that it contains almost 25% of the total proteins, vitamins and minerals of the wheat grain. It is a very sensitive oil that tends to degrade if not stored with care. It should be kept away from high temperatures as if exposed to extreme temperatures, it may turn rancid. However, if kept properly, the shelf life of wheat germ oil can be extend up to a few months. It is used to make delicious salad dressings and is also added to freshly cooked pasta. source

Why silk amino acids?
Hydrolyzed from pure silk fibers, silk amino acids have a lower molecular weight than silk protein powders and are penetrating and moisturizing to skin and hair. source

What say you? Are you wheat germ oil fan? Do you use this powerhouse oil often? What does your mix consist of?