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14 Reasons to Go Natural, Today!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
14 Reasons to Go Natural, Today!
 by Christina via

Every decision has its reasons…what would be the reason to go natural?

For me personally, going to the salon got way too expensive– I wanted to learn my own hair, and I absolutely loved the versatility of natural hair. If you make the decision to go natural, make sure that it is your own decision and not anyone pressuring you. Remember that this is your hair and your journey.  Here are a few reasons why you would want to go natural:

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Want A Change
This could be from having straight hair all the time to wanting a different look. If you are looking for a change, you will definitely get that with natural hair. If you are tired of the same style over and over, going natural can give you endless options to cater to that change you are looking for.

Debunks European And Western Standards Of Beauty
When I was younger, I was taught that straight hair was the standard for beauty and poise. Kinky and coily hair was not accepted as beautiful, lovely, or appropriate. But now… natural hair is everywhere!  Companies want to be part of the movement, models and designers are for it, and the standard of “what is beautiful” is changing. Straight hair, what? Straight hair, who?

Healthier For You
Nothing against relaxers and other processing methods, but harsh chemicals are just not healthy for you. No matter how the box is sugar-coated with added oils, herbs, and cute pictures, it’s still a harsh chemical that can affect your health in the long run.

Embrace New Growth
Gone are the days of dreading new growth.  If you’re looking to achieve and retain length, you will rejoice when new growth shows up!

Hair Versatility
You can be 4 different women in one week! Flat Ironed Beauty, Afrostatic Diva, Lioness Blowout and Fierce Female Twistout. With the right care, natural hair can really give you any style you are feeling for any day you want.

Flexibility for previous Lifestyle Conflicts
For all of you swimmers, exercisers, and yoga masters, this would be a great change for you. The one thing that you are going to do is sweat when you exercise. Yes, that’s surely inevitable. Natural hair can definitely give you the versatility to wash daily or style your hair for exercise. Also, if you are on-the-go, going natural has great options for styling: wash n go, afro, bun, etc.

You Will Really Learn Your Hair
When I was relaxed, I never took care of my hair. The reason was not because I did not feel like it or didn’t know how, but because I had someone there who could just do it for me. Once I went natural, there was no salon I went to that knew how to do natural hair (probably have changed now or could have just been my city). So I was forced to really learn my hair. When you go natural, you will learn that not everyone can do natural hair. Not everyone will know how to even care for natural hair. So it will be up to you to learn your hair. Who better to do your hair, than you? Be your own hair guru!

Time And Money Saver
Other than saving money on going to the salon weekly, going natural can save you lots of money. Unless you are a product junkie or you literally have a wash day full of oils after herbs after treatments after other treatments, having natural hair is not that costly. All you need is a shampoo and/or co-wash, conditioner, leave-in, styler, and bobby pins (lots and lots of them). You may have other products depending on your styling and hair care preference, but that’s basically it.

Pride In Afrotastic History
If you are into the history of natural hair, then going natural would definitely be for you. Personally, I love the history and the timeline of Black Hair and how it evolved through history to the present time. Having natural hair makes me feel like I’m part of a great history. My hair has awesome roots (pun intended) and that makes me so proud to be Afrotastic in my own right and history.

Great Sense In Natural Community
When you become natural, you will inherit a bunch of sisters, aunties, mommas, and even brothers. The natural hair community is very welcoming and full of love when it comes to newbie naturals and those who are considering going natural. You can join natural hair groups on Facebook, chat in forums, add your comments and opinions on natural hair online publications, or even check out the family atmosphere of natural hair on other social media sites. Having natural hair comes with family who are willing to aid you in your healthy hair journey.

Inspires The Next Generation
Your little ones already want to be just like mommy! Your daughters, nieces, and grand-babies are definitely looking at you to see what is important to you. When you embrace your natural hair, they will see that natural hair signifies grace and beauty. They will learn to love their own curls, coils, kinks, and naps from the beginning of their lives. Help them take the first step in loving their hair by seeing you love your own natural hair.

Controls Our Economics And Businesses
Seriously though! Do you see how many businesses are wanting to take part in the natural hair industry? Most of the companies are brick and mortar ones, but there are rising and emerging companies who are black and natural-hair owned. Isn’t that something to celebrate in its own right?!

Unique And Special
Today, natural hair is seen as something so unique and special from everyone who passes by. Whether your natural hair is flowing and springy or fluffy and bountiful, natural hair is basically beautiful. People want to touch your hair, talk about your hair, ask you questions about your hair, and even smell your hair (seriously, I had that happen before). Natural hair is something that is praised about and loved on. It seems so new to other cultures and even some of us. Natural hair is the new girl in town and everyone wants a piece of her.

Sense Of Freedom And Acceptance
I’m not saying relaxed hair keeps you bound and chained, but it’s something about going natural that makes you feel liberated. It’s your own hair that grows out of your own head and you accept that! Your hair is on the schedule that you set for her and not on another’s time schedule. You give your hair the freedom to frizz as she pleases, fro as she grows, and spring indefinitely. There are no limits to natural hair! Everything can be achieved as long as you accept her.

If you make the decision to go natural, make sure that it is your own decision and not anyone pressuring you. Remember that this is your hair and your journey. Make the right choice for you alone.

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