Achieving the Perfect Bantu Knot-Out: Wet or Dry Hair?

Hola Chicas,

Bantu Knots create the most gorgeous spiral effect when you release them… it gives you results unlike any twist or braid out. It’s the perfect style because everyone can try it– transitioners looking to blend textures, divas with straight hair and naturals of most lengths.

But the question is always the same…do you get the perfect bantu knot out on wet or dry hair?

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Bantu Knots on Dry Hair:

Here’s a video from Alyssa Forever on how she styles her bantu knot outs with dry hair. She washes her hair first and then detangles it. She then gets her hair dry by blow drying it (after putting on a heat protectant, of course). This is up to you, you can always choose to air dry your hair rather than blow dry. But she swears by dry bantu knots, and putting as little product as possible. For Alyssa, the key to perfect dry bantu knots is ensuring that each twist is perfect. No tangles, knots or snags. Brush each strand of hair before you twist to make sure it’s as smooth as possible.

Bantu Knots on Wet Hair: 

This video is from CurlyKTwintyone. She likes to do her bantu knot outs on wet hair. She styles her hair with freshly co-washed, deep conditioned hair so it’s nice and slippery. If her hair dries out during the process, she sprays it with a mixture of water and aloe vera gel. When she takes down, she separates with her fingers, and twirls the less defined more frizzy spots. The result? Super moisturized, defined fluffy coils.

Put to the Test 

4CHairChick and Evelyn from the Internets took this matter into their own hands and decided to test both. Evelyn preferred doing bantu knots on dry hair, which resulted in more defined, frizz free coils. 4cHairChick agreed that wet bantu knots look too separated, and not fluffy enough to her liking. She preferred dry bantu knots as well. Overall, wet bantu knots were too unpredictable and took too long to dry. Watch the episode here:

What CN Says About Bantu Knots: 

Do you create them on wet, damp or dry hair?
-Wet in the past, but damp would work MUCH better! They’d actually have a chance to dry.
Fav products?
-Conditioner and an oil or butter to seal the ends. Remember to go light with products as this style has a tendency to take forever and a day to dry.

Twirl and knot one strand, or do you create two strand twists?
-I create two strand twists, and then knot.

Bobby pins or tuck the ends?
-I tuck the ends, you’d be amazed at how well they hold!
Air dry or bonnet dryer?
-I air dry, but bonnet drying creates a smoother and longer lasting set in my opinion. Occasionally, if pressed for time, I’ll bonnet dry for 30 minutes and allow it to air dry the rest of the way. 

Take down method?
-I carefully unravel them one at a time. Take down the twist and massage the roots to cover up any patchiness. I then separate and gently finger comb through the roots to fluff.
Maintenance routine?
-I sleep with my hair out on a satin pillow case.

Are you a knot-out queen?! If so, how do you achieve the perfect Bantu Knot-Out?!