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Curly Nikki

I’m Magic.

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
I'm Magic.
‘we cannot be in the present moment and run our story lines at the same time’- Pema Chodron 

In transit today, but wanted to set this right here…

I'm Magic.
Rollers are magic.  I can go from my signature shoulder length Twist-n-Curl to ear length, bobbed-out  awesomeness without scissors or heat.  Also, if you’re like me and for some reason find roller setting to be absolutely dreadful, try rolling your two- strand twists instead.  It’s less daunting and feels… more efficient?   
For rod set glory, I started on cleansed, detangled and moisturized damp hair (I dried it for 5-10 minutes in a t-shirt).  I then separated my hair into two sections– front and back (parted from ear to ear) and pinned the front half up and out of the way (after applying a little amla oil throughout the length).  Next, I applied a little amla oil to the entire back section and then began sectioning off smaller pieces to two strand twist.  Prior to twisting each smaller section, I’d apply one pump of Jane Carter’s Twist-Out Foam to the length.  Before rolling that twist on a perm rod, I’d apply a little Deva Curl Set it Free to the ends.  I rolled all the way to the root in the back and side sections and almost to the root in the front/top section (leaving about 1-2 inches out) to give height and volume for the resulting look.  Basically, you want the sides and back to be short and fierce and the top to be tall and bossy.  
I'm Magic.

After removing all the rollers and twists (I ended up with 28) and fluffing,  I picked out the top and front (leaving the back and sides alone) and pinned any stray curls in the back, up, to create a bob effect.  Another trick to really exaggerate and dramatize the top/front is to pineapple just that section for like 20 minutes. 
Real quick– I love the JC foam.  It sets fast as hell (like 3-5 hours on damp hair), gives a medium hold with crazy shine and stupid volume. It feels weightless too, which I appreciate.  I also like that you can apply it to dry hair for a stretched twist or braid-out.  I’ve used it many times and it doesn’t start to build up until after the third or fourth set (leaving teeny tiny yellow flakes).  The DC Set it Free is a throw back favorite– I love it to smooth and moisturize my ends as well as to smooth dry, wayward curls on day 2 or 3.  I spray it into my hands before applying to individual curls.  
If you’ve got fine, thin hair, try out this product combo for your next twist-out or roller set.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised 🙂  #ThankMeLater
Later Gators,

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