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3 Clays to Detox and Restore Your Natural Hair and Scalp

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
3 Clays to Detox and Restore Your Natural Hair and Scalp

by Sabrina Perkins of

Although hair strands are considered “dead”, I like to treat mine as though they were alive. After all, they play such a big role in my life and I would be devastated to lose them! I do different things that will help keep my strands attached to my head, so I can enjoy them for as long as I can.

I find that my hair loves natural remedies, since I have yet to have any side effects from using them. Since I went natural in 2008, my hair has bounced back from all of the harsh treatments I have put it through. Thankfully, my strands have been the utmost forgiving and decided to give me a second chance.

Today, I have long tail-bone length curly hair and I have my natural regimen to thank for that. One of my favorite remedies to use for my hair (and skin) consist of clays. I love them all, but I have certain ones that I prefer over others, especially when it comes to my hair. The three clays that I adore are highly beneficial for your scalp and hair.

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Kaolin Clay

Other than detoxing your hair of chemicals and pollutants, kaolin clay is an excellent choice for dry, brittle hair. Whether your hair is in this condition because of your tap water, chemical processing or continued use of chemical hair products, you can use this to help restore the moisture. Of course, I do recommend that you fix these issues to get the best results.

Rhassoul Clay

One of my fave — Moroccan clay, aka Rhassoul clay. This one is packed with minerals and has high absorption for impurities found in your hair. It can also help to relieve dryness, flakes in your scalp, and assist with detangling your hair. I like to use this clay because it leaves my hair soft. It reminds me of a conditioner.

Bentonite Clay

Of course, I can’t leave out bentonite clay, which is one of the best clays for detoxification. I find that mixing Rhassoul with it helps to minimize the hardening effects that bentonite can sometimes have on hair.

Creating Your Replenishing Hair Mask

After you’ve collected these three clays, putting them together and mixing it up is quite simple. Just make sure that you use a non-metallic bowl and spoon when doing so. How much you use for your hair depends on how much hair you have. Combine equal parts of each clay into the bowl and use filtered or distilled water to mix it into a creamy paste.

I like to do this when my hair is wet for easier application. Plus, this also opens up my pores, giving me a nice deep detox in my scalp. Just section off your hair and apply the paste. I prefer to start in the back and work my way to the front, similar to how you would a relaxer or hair dye.

Some people time their treatment to about 15-20 minutes, but I like to wait until it dries. Once it becomes dry, I rinse it out and then wash my hair with an herbal 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner (made with shikakai, amla, aritha, brahmi and bhringraj). I then use a hair butter and style as usual. However, if you feel that this is too drying, you can put in oils or a leave-in conditioner as well.

You can use this hair mask as often or as little as you like. I prefer to keep my hair detoxes down to once per month.

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