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Curly Nikki

How Being Present in the Moment Creates the Future You Want

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

How Being Present in the Moment Creates the Future You Want
the camel gets it! #PositiveVibesOnly #Israel

Simply choose good feels, real happiness, in the present moment and the ‘future’ will take care of itself.

The end.

Later Gators,

^^^^it really is that easy, tho.

“But Nikki, my present moment sucks! I could never feel good about being stuck in this damn traffic…”

Oh, but you can! Especially once you realize that every moment is essentially neutral and it’s your interpretation of it, your thoughts, that create your experience… When you hear ’embrace the present moment’, or ‘be in the now’, it doesn’t mean to embrace your shitty interpretation of ‘the now’, it means to become aware of ‘the now’ BEFORE all of your shitty stories about it! #SubjectiveLivin’

Let’s take a closer look at a common, anxiety or at least boredom inducing experience– traffic.  You always have 3 choices for how to experience the present moment of hella traffic:

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1. from ‘the story of your life’ 
if you tune into thoughts, you hear, ‘Faaawwwk! I stay late. I can already hear the boss going in on me. My days at that place are seriously numbered… I wonder if my body is strip club ready yet.
If you tune into the body, you are aware of tense shoulders, a clenched jaw and a contracted belly. You label these body feels as ‘anxiety’.  (anxiety is just the gap between the now and the later)

2. from the ‘story you want’
if you tune into thoughts, you hear, This is perfect! Extra time for me to practice my affirmations and listen to Kanye go in on ‘FML’. My days at that place are seriously numbered… I can already taste the freedom of my new entrepreneurial adventure.  Life is so good. Thank you thank you thank you!
if you tune into the body, you are aware of ‘good feels’ in the heart and stomach area. You label these body feels as ‘excitement’ or ‘anticipation’.

3. from ‘no story’ at all 
if you tune into thoughts, you hear… *silence* *stillness* *nothing*  (the kind of silence you experience in that moment when you drive under an overpass during a rain storm, or when your eco car’s engine shuts off when you’re idle, or when the wind stops for a sec— In those moments, you instantly register the stillness/peace– and you get quiet too. Silence on the outside helps you recognize the silence on the inside.)
if you tune into the body– you are aware of relaxed muscles, maybe even warm, tingly awesomeness. If you were to label these body feels, it would be ‘peace’ or ‘real happiness’.

Choosing #1, like you’ve been doing for the last decade or more, is only gonna give you more of the same old ick.  Because remember, the ‘inside’ of you is reflected ‘out there’, and just as you wouldn’t frown in a mirror and expect the reflection to smile, you cannot be feeling anxious and expect to see awesome, joy-inducing situations reflected.  So choosing to feel good feels now, ensures that ‘good stuff’ will show up ‘out there’ in ‘the future’ (I’m simplifying here, ’cause know that there is only NOW and HERE--which is why feeling good now, ensures feeling good always, because NOW is what you are… more on that later :).  
So by choosing #2 (a positive interpretation of the moment) or #3 (no interpretation of the moment), you can actually feel good in the present moment of hella traffic– which means you’ll see more ‘good stuff’ in ‘the future’!  I often choose #3 because it’s way easier– choosing #2 often feels fake and most times, I’m just not ‘cheery’, haha!  But #3 is always accessible (it’s the natural state) AND, instead of utilizing mental power to positively reframe your experience (and risk becoming anxious because your desires haven’t shown up), you can simply focus in on your natural good feels and allow your day (and ‘future days’) to unfold in a divinely magnificent way (God already knows everything you want… you don’t have to ask, and ask, and ask.  Just be thankful and feel your natural, good feels).  
So while #1 and #2 would have you focused on past or future, #3 would allow you to be fully present… there’d be no thoughts to cover up your view of the steering wheel, the hands holding the steering wheel, trees going by (quite slowly), other cars, red lights, clouds, breathing, etc.  There would be no story about ‘you’ or where you are headed or where you are coming from or how late you are or whose gonna be pissed off.  Without looking to thought, there would be no story at all!  And with no story, there’s nothing to be anxious or depressed about! #JustPeace  
So how can you experience #3, the peace of ‘no story’, in any situation, all the time, all day, no matter the circumstances?  View the world as if you were a camera!  Right now, grab your phone and cut the camera on and scan the room. The camera is registering the scene, but it’s not labeling anything (‘look at my struggly computer’)… it’s not providing commentary (‘it’s been running really slow lately’), it’s not judging (I need a new one). It’s just ‘looking’. Be #LikeACamera!

Unlike the camera, your thoughts are incessantly judging what’s on display, critiquing, commentating. Thoughts are kinda like a narrator. Do you remember Beavis and Butthead and how they’d talk over music videos? It’s like that… life is happening and all the while you have this really loud, quite judgmental, sometimes funny soundtrack laid on top of it. And just like with your TV, you can mute that ish (you can’t silence them, but you can choose to place your attention elsewhere, like on your inner body!). And when you do… #NaturalGoodFeels #RealHappiness 

Being #LikeACamera will change your life, and pretty soon, amazing, smile-causing stuff will show up in your viewfinder, effortlessly.

Later Gators,
p.s. to remember to look out at the present moment #LikeACamera, download insight timer or a similar app and set it to go off every 15-30 minutes as a reminder!  Pretty soon, viewing the moment #LikeACamera will be as natural as breathing. 

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