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Katt Williams Fought A 12 Year Old. And Lost

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Katt Williams Fought A 12 Year Old. And Lost
by Tiffani Greenaway of

In the series of unfortunate events that is Katt Williams’ life, this one takes the cake. The silky haired comedian allegedly got into it with a 7th grader in Melrose, FL. The video, which shows 42 year-old Williams sucker punching a child and then getting tackled and put in a chokehold by that child has gone viral after it was posted to the website Fameolous.


What caused the incident is still unknown, but with Katt Williams, you really just never know. He’s been accused of attacking a group of women after being told that Kevin Hart was funnier than he was. “I said Kevin Hart is funnier anyway and that like lit a fire under him,” one of the women said. “The next thing I know he’s charging at me. He actually hit me right here in my left temple [and] tackled me to the ground.” The women say Williams also robbed them of their cell phones at gunpoint.

Just two weeks ago, Williams allegedly started a fight at a Beenie Seigel concert in Philly—he got beat up then, too—and he’s also been in legal trouble recently over allegations that he assaulted another woman for using his private bathroom. After aspiring actress Jamila Majesty used the restroom at Williams’ Malibu residence, she says that she suffered “broken ribs, split tendons and facial scarring after being “imprisoned” and “tortured” in Williams’ bathroom,” where “five women beat her senseless for three hours,” and Williams “burned her face with a cigarette.”

The allegations don’t end there, though. Williams has been accused of ordering an attack on his own bodyguard, faces battery charges for assaulting a Gainesville, GA pool store employee, “Williams threw a pair of goggles at him then went behind the counter and punched him at least once,”( and is still facing felony robbery charges stemming from a 2014 case, where a female photographer alleged that Williams and former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight stole her camera after ordering two women to assault her.

Looks like it’s all jokes until you get beat by someone your own size.

Katt Williams Fought A 12 Year Old. And Lost
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