by Jasmeen of

There’s nothing like working with awkward length natural hair! 

One of the few things I miss about my longer hair is my updo’s. Up until now my hair was just too short to make a bun, hell— it can barely make a ponytail that I can attach a fake bun to!

I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a woman doing her daughter’s hair and saw a trick she had for making her daughter’s short hair into a full poof. I used this technique to create my own teeny-weeny ponytail and then popped a faux bun on top. Here’s the scoop:


Start by parting your hair into two sections. Make a ponytail with the top section, moving it as far back as you can.

Now make a ponytail with the lower section, bringing it as far upward as you can. You can choose to grab another hair tie and secure the two mini buns into one, but thats totally up to you. (It is more tension, though. So unless you have to, I’d advise against it.)

Now comes the fun part. I grabbed some Marley hair to make this bun, but you can use a fake ponytail or tracks. I started by wrapping the hair over my little poofs to hide them, then started twisting the hair to add dimension.

Super easy and not to even be corny, I was pretty excited to get the high bun option back in my LIFE! My hair has been doing extremely well in protective styles and without tension so I’ll be saving by bun for special occasions only.

Here’s a quick vid of me breaking down the entire process.