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New York Post Columnist Tries to Come for Jaden & Willow Smith

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

New York Post Columnist Tries to Come for Jaden & Willow Smith
by Tiffani Greenaway of

Let’s keep it 100.

We’ve all questioned Will and Jada’s choices when it comes to their kids. The fashion choices. The social media. That picture. But we whipped our hair back and forth with Willow like she was our own, and we applauded when both children became the faces of major fashion campaigns. Key word? Children.

New York Post writer Kyle Smith weighed in on Will and Jada’s parenting style, calling them the “most horrible parents on Earth.” And then? He came for the babies. He referred to Jaden and Willow as “überentitled, brainless, self-adoring, twaddle-spewing little munchkins.”


These children (there’s that key word again) have been afforded the freedom to express themselves creatively, something that often gets stifled in a world of business suits and status symbols. They’re living their lives–their authentic, artistic, unbothered lives. And, they’re kids. Kids who have grown up in the spotlight on red carpets, movie screens, and runways, but kids nonetheless.

Sure, the Smith kids may be spoiled. And a little strange. But what Hollywood kid isn’t? No one’s calling out the Kardashians for their überentitled, brainless, self-adoring, twaddle-spewing antics on social media. And Willow and Jaden are actually talented. They sing, act, model, and apparently, they write, too. As Willow told New York Times’ T Magazine in a 2014 interview, “There’re no novels that I like to read so I write my own novels, and then I read them again, and it’s the best thing.” LINK

We loved Will as The Fresh Prince (in rap and in Bel Air), and the majority of his movies have been box office hits. Jada’s been our girl, from the time she was kicking it in the kitchen at Hillman with Mr. Gaines to when she Set It Off. And their marriage, however open or closed it may be, is an example of lasting love.

So don’t come for Will and Jada, and definitely leave their creative indigo children alone. We may not understand the Smith family dynamics or Jaden and Willow’s artistic expression, but that doesn’t mean it’s open to be attacked.

New York Post Columnist Tries to Come for Jaden & Willow Smith
Tiffani Greenaway is the wife and mom behind MyMommyVents, a New York city parenting blog. Her tips have been seen on Yahoo Parenting, Mommy Noire, and Fit Pregnancy. Find more of Tiffani’s work at

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