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3 Easy Ways to Trim Split Ends Without Losing Too Much Length

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
3 Easy Ways to Trim Split Ends Without Losing Too Much Length
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So you’ve got split ends and they need to be removed, like yesterday! How can you go about doing this? There are three ways to accomplish this task that won’t require you to lose too much length:



Divide your hair up into 4 or more sections. Secure the sections with some butterfly clamps. Make sure you are working with your hair in sufficient lighting and clip away only about 1/4 inch of hair. When you are done the ends that you have removed should be so insignificant that they resemble dust. Get it? Dusting!

Search and Destroy: Cut only the ends of hairs that have splits.

I do have to admit that this requires very close scrutiny and a great deal of patience, but it can be a great way to keep your length until you are ready to perform a complete trim. I actually did this while I was transitioning and it enabled me to buy some time before performing a perfectly even trim on my ends.

Braid or twist your hair then cut the split ends that are sticking out.

Closely examine the braid for split ends and then cut them off. To increase the chances of you removing the maximum amount of split ends, you may want to re-section and re-braid the hair to remove any other split ends that were revealed. Usually where you have a bad case of the splits towards the end of the braid it tends to get really thin. It would be in your best interest to trim some or all of this portion of the braid away. Unorthodox? Yes. But it does work.

If your hair is severely damaged, these last two trimming techniques should not be attempted. In such a case, a complete trim or better yet, a full cut, would be a much better, healthier choice. But if your hair is fairly healthy overall, all three of these trimming techniques are viable alternatives for girls who are trying to maintain as much length as possible while managing their hair’s health.

Do you cut your own hair? What’s your method?

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