Danai Gurira gives acceptance speech at the 2016 Black Girls Rock! Awards

by Mike Orie of www.theconscioustip.com

Last night, BET aired the celebration of the 10th annual Black Girls Rock! Awards. Hosted by Tracee Ellis Ross, the award celebrated black women who are making strides all over the world. Black Girls Rock! celebrated and honored the likes of Shonda Rhimes, Amandla Steinberg, Rihanna, Danai Gurira and the founders of the Black Lives Matter movement. Below are some of the most powerful moments!


1) Shonda Rhimes wants to change the way we see television.
“I want to portray women the same way men are.” –Shonda Rhimes

2) Black Girls Rock! founder, Beverly Bond speaks on why she founded the organization and shares a powerful speech.
“Black girls still have to grow up with pervasive and paradoxical messages that say that our Black is not beautiful, but our features can be bought and sold to enhance the beauty of other women.” –Beverly Bond, Black Girls Rock! founder

3) Rihanna celebrates her Blackness and speaks on being a role model in her acceptance speech.
“I believe God put us all here for a reason and we all have our purpose and we are here to fulfill our purpose individually,” Rihanna said. “I think the thing that’s kept me sane, the thing that’s kept me humble, the thing that’s kept me successful is being myself. I only know how to do that. This world is so big and it can be so confusing at times that you tend to forget and you tend to be so indented or tainted by society and the only thing that’s kept me going is being myself. And the minute you learn to love yourself you would not want to be anybody else.” –Rihanna

4) Amandla Steinberg is awarded the Black Girls Rock! “Young Gifted And Black” award.
“My blackness does not inhibit me from being beautiful and intelligent. In fact, it is the reason why I am beautiful and intelligent.” –Amandla Steinberg

5) Danai Gurira educates us on how to use our Black girl magic.
“You will struggle, beautiful black girl. You will struggle..because this world was not built with me, or you in mind. But here we are…this amazing community here to hold you up. To celebrate you and to be there for you, but you must step out. Black girl you rock because you have so much potential. Because your power and your resilience will help to heal this world. ” –Danai Gurira

6) Gladys Knight is awarded the Black Girls Rock! Living Legend award.

“My first trophy was given to me when I was 7 years old. I had just won the Ted Mac original amateur hour. It was right here in New York. But there were none of my sisters there. There were none of my sisters to help me hold the trophy as they had asked the kids on the show to do, and none of their parents would allow them to do it. I was the only African American sister on the show…It was amazing, because I had a black girl that rocked in my family. I called her mom. She nurtured me. She made me practice when she knew I hated it.”- Gladys Knight


Mike “Orie” Mosley is a freelance writer/photographer and cultural advocate from St. Louis. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Arts, Entertainment & Media Management from Columbia College Chicago and a Masters in Higher Education Administration from LSU. He is also the co-founder of music and culture website www.theconscioustip.com. In his spare time, he’s probably listening to hip hop & neo soul music, hitting up brunch or caught up in deep conversations about Black music. You can follow him on Twitter @mike_orie or on Instagram @mikeorie