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How to Flat Twist Without Actually Flat Twisting

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

How to Flat Twist Without Actually Flat Twisting
DiscoveringNatural has put together a video for all of you who want to flat twist but can’t get the hang of it. This “cheat” is easy to follow and will give you flat twist results without actually flat twisting. The key to this style is to grab big sections. The bigger the sections the bigger the flat twists will appear. This method is great because it’s easier on the scalp, which is especially good for children with tender scalps, but can also be used on adults!
Follow these steps: 
  1. Take the section you want to flat twist. 
  2. Divide it into smaller sections. 
  3. Then divide each smaller section into two. 
  4. Take the two strands and wrap it around like a twist. 
  5. Grab the bottom section and the top of the next section. 
  6. Holding it firm, do a twist against that section and the new section. 
  7. Continue all the way down and secure it with pins or hair ties.

The following post was originally published on August 2014 but has been updated for grammar and clarity.

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