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The Easiest French Braid Tutorial You’ll See

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

The Easiest French Braid Tutorial You'll See
Nadine of GirlsLoveYourCurls writes:

‘This braid tutorial is for those who would love to broaden their repertoire of protective styles, using more complicated braiding techniques, but don’t know how to braid. The cost of getting braids done professionally can be very expensive, so doing it yourself might be the way to go. If you’ve watched a handful of tutorials, but are still at a loss, this technique of using colored yarn as a visual, might just help it click.’

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Summary of Video:
A french braid essentially wraps each of the outer portions over the middle and into the center, alternating outer portions. It can also be thought of as an inverted cornrow. I will show you the different steps first with colored yarn so you can see the paths and placement of each section. Then I will show you how to do it with real hair.
Tips for French Braids: 
  • Start with the basic braid as you normally would do
  • Take a small section of the main section of hair add it to the strand which will be added to the center.
  • The forefinger and thumb are guiding the portions to position 
  • Use your other fingers to keep the rest neat and uniform.
  • You can work quicker when the hair is dry and detangled.
How to: 
  1. Section the hair and create 3 equal portions
  2. Bring the outer portion over the middle and into the center
  3. Before every pass, add a small piece of the main hair section to the portion before it is taken over to the middle 
  4. Take your time. This is tedious but worth it!
  5. Use your free fingers to ensure that the sections remain separate
  6. Once the braid is complete and lifts off the head, you can continue with the basic braid until you reach the end of the hair. 
You’re finished!

CN says:

So I’m pretty sure Nadine recorded this for me and Boog, on account of the struggle braids.  It’s the clearest tutorial I’ve seen to date and for that, I’m thankful!

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