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Try This Faux Locs Short Cut for a Quick, 2 Hour Install!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Try This Faux Locs Short Cut for a Quick, 2 Hour Install!
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by Ariane of

Faux locs are a beautiful protective style that give you a taste of what the loc life is like. However, they take ages to do! Fortunately, there is a short cut.

Usually to install faux locs you have to first put your hair in individual braid extensions, then you wrap braiding hair around the braid to give it the appearance of a loc. We all know that braid extensions can take upwards of 8 hours to achieve and then you have to add in an additional step? Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

If you aren’t up for your faux locs style taking all day to do you can get the same look by doing the crochet method with hair that is already formed to look like locs. At most this should take you 3 hours to complete and depending on how familiar you are with the crochet method, you just may be able to do it in 2 hours. That’s nearly 70% less time you have to spend on your hair.

Here’s a look at the process:

Using the Janet Collection Faux Loc hair, you dramatically reduce your time and it looks nearly identical to faux locs done the super long way! I don’t know about you but seems like a way more efficient way of getting this beautiful style!

Crochet braids are overall just a better option when it comes to protective styling with weaves in my opinion. They are more lightweight, don’t take as long too do or remove, they never itch my scalp even as close to as badly as traditional braid extensions, put less tension on your scalp and depending on the hair you go with they last a long time.

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