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I Love Goddess Braids. Here’s How I Install Them.

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
I Love Goddess Braids. Here's How I Install Them.
by Christian Byshe’ of
So I was looking for a new simple yet fun hairstyle to wear for a couple days and after searching Instagram and Pinterest I ran across Goddess Braids.

Now there are so many different ways to rock the style in general and it pretty much seems that everyone has placed their own unique spin on it. Some people do flat twists while others do french braids. It just all depends on what the wearer prefers.

I chose to do 2 french braids with a slanted part.

For this style I used…

  • Eco styler olive oil gel
  • denman brush
  • rat tail comb
  • hair clamps
  • 3 bags of kanekalon braiding hair
  • moisturizer of my choice
I Love Goddess Braids. Here's How I Install Them.

Step 1
: Parted my hair on a slant so that one side would have more hair than the other. Then I clamped one of the sections to keep it out of the way.

Step 2: Applied moisturizer to section and detangled thoroughly with denman brush.

Step 3: Opened pack of kanekalon hair. Took the entire pack of hair and while tightly holding my hand about about 6 inches from the very end of the bundle, I thenbegan to gently pull a couple strands at a time so that the end of the bundle was no longer blunt and equal in length but more frayed in appearance and pulled to various lengths.

Step 4: I detangled the braiding hair with brush.

Step 5: I parted a small section about 1 inch in width and length then split the bundle of hair into two parts. One part should be a 1/3 of the bundle and the other should be 2/3 of the bundle.

Step 6: Took the piece that was a 1/3 and looped it around the piece that was 2/3 then pulled tightly.

Step 7: Placed prepared extension hair underneath natural hair at the front of my head and began braiding like I was attaching a box braid.

Step 8: Once secure, continued braiding until I reached the nape of my neck and then clamped the braid so it wouldn’t unravel.

Step 9: Repeated on opposite side

Step 10:
Joined the two braids together and began braiding into one big braid. ( If you want additional thickness you can add in more extension hair)

Step 11: Took a significant amount of gel and smoothed down sides leading up to each braid. Then secured with a silk scarf and allowed to dry.

Do you rock Goddess Braids? How do you do yours?

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