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How I Install My Own Faux Locs for a Protective Style

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
How I Install My Own Faux Locs for a Protective Style

Tina Munzu writes:

“I LOVE the faux locs look and always wanted to get some for myself.
However, I could not justify the money I would have to pay to get them
installed. After watching several Youtube tutorials I felt encouraged to
try it out myself. Traditionally, you would twist your natural hair
with some synthetic kanekalon hair and then wrap more kanekalon/marley
hair around the twists for that loc effect.
Seems pretty straight forward right? Only thing is I cannot havana
twist! So I tried a different technique and I must say I was quite
impressed with the results. No need to twist beforehand. Simply start
wrapping tightly to get the same look. This means using less hair (cost
effective), less installation time and reduced bulk to carry on your
head. I just added a new protective style to my repertoire and cannot
wait to perfect my technique. Check out the tutorial to get started on
beautiful locs.”

What I Used: 
  • Janet 3x Expression Caribbean Braid (80 inch) – I cut them in half
  • Moisturizer – SheaMoisture Coconut Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk 
  • Eco Styler Gel 
Steps I Took: 
  1. Wash, condition, and do a protein treatment the night before. 
  2. Twist your hair into jumbo twists to air dry and stretch overnight. 
  3. Moisturize your hair strand by strand with your favorite moisturizer. 
  4. Add a little bit of gel to the strand to smooth it and reduce flyaways. 
  5. Take your Marley hair and fold it at the top so you can work with the shorter end. 
  6. Hold the hair between your thumb and index finger, and start wrapping the shorter end of the Marley hair around your own strand. 
  7. Wrap it around about 2-3 times. 
  8. Join the natural hair with the longer strand of Marley hair, and start wrapping the Marley hair around the natural hair. 
  9. Wrap it all the way down. 
  10. To push out any gaps, push upwards and continue wrapping. Do this continuously.
  11. Once you reach your desired length, you want to bend the strand that you were using to wrap upwards. 
  12. Then with the other strand, you’re going to start wrapping it around the strand that you previously bent to cover it. Start from the base and make your way upward. 
  13. Traditionally, you burn the end to secure your loc in place. But I prefer to wrap it with a tiny clear rubber band. 

Watch How I Do It! 

Be sure to take your time with this process. You want to make sure you’re wrapping well so your hair doesn’t unwrap mid-week. Also – be sure and invest in good quality hair so that you can re-use it if you wish. And that’s it! 
Have you worn faux locs before? What’s your experience? 

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