All the way up with the Bride-to-Be! #SoSaintLouis 
Hola Chicas!
Just touched down in D.C. after several days of celebrating my bestie and younger sister Syl, in the Lou.  I’m coming to you live, from my bed (too old for this shit), so I’ll keep things brief.  Here’s the rundown–

Peep #BrideTribe headquarters!

Located on Washington Ave via airbnb.  We had three bedrooms, impeccable decor and 2 dope bathrooms, right in the middle of all things popping in STL.  There was also the requisite rooftop situation!
We kicked things off with a traditional Bridal Shower– family, fun… loosely veiled sexual humor.  My eyes only started sweating once, missing Gma… she was there in spirit!   
Momma, Syl, Me!
Tissue wedding dress contest, of course… mine fell off– 
My headgear was hot, tho. Look at Gia mocking me! 
Boogie and little cuzzo, Jade! 


frilly, short, see-through, sexy things

Dr. Marquita!
Then, the wholesome fun was left behind to learn the mechanics of the twerk.   

 Right before we learned how to ‘dance for you’ like Beyonce.  

But then we was all,

I’m throwed on that Liquor, I’m bout to hit the Club, And Dance Like a Stripper

Back to the roof for girl talk and ‘never have I ever’… #DontGetScoopNecked

Then to the club to practice our newly acquired moves–

Everybody. On. Their. Phones. They were immediately confiscated.

Syl taking her first shot in the history of ever! #SorryPerry 

 HUTCH going to werk!
Kara and PJ!
 Hutch, Marquita and Emily!
I was on my best behavior 😉
Tesha and Syl
 Big thanks to Cassandra, Syl’s other sister, for helping plan an epic weekend. 
Off to hydrate. 
Later Gators,